Thursday, July 5, 2018

PULGAS RUN 11 Freebirds!

My last pulgas run for awhile.  This happened right before my car was stolen.
 I found only one figure worth getting!  Terry BAM BAM Gordy!  I traded two Jakks BCA for him.
Now my Freebirds are complete!  YES!  I was afraid I would never find Gordy...much less sitting out in the hot Mexico sun.

Soon I will make appropiate Freebirds attire for them.  With the rebel flag for each of them of course.
Something like this.  A robe, jacket, and vest.  Should be awesome.


  1. Congrats!I think I have a Freebird team member from the AWA Remco line.

    1. Lucky! I found those 4 remco a few years ago and that was it.

  2. Nice! I always loved the Fabulous Freebirds! BTW I think you've attracted a spammer...