Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I didn´t know what to call this blogpost.  So I went with Jean´s power and a dude being a snake... that we have a van, we went to the old pulgas to trade some more wrestling figures.  I traded 6 this time to get only 4 things.
Still very happy with my gets.  I never thought in a million years I would find Atari 2600 games down here in Saltillo.  That blew me away.  Then I chinked away at the armor of my JLU collection by getting the villain Copperhead.  Now I have three villains.  Copperhead, Sinestro, and Captain Boomerang.  And lastly a huge whole in my Xmen figures is filled up with Jean Grey.

The vender that traded with me had GREAT stuff this time but didn´t want to trade for anything else.  It seems my wrestling figures are just not selling well enough for him.  I wanted to trade for a whole lot more but only got my mitts on these.  There is another pulgas closer to me.  I will try that one.


  1. Telepathic Snakes.Sounds like an 80's Metal band.Congrats on the pick ups.Love the games!No better feeling than hearing that click sound when inserting a game cartridge.

    1. I do not even have a system. Just these 2 games. Been on the recollecting bandwagon since 2012- hope I have better years.