Friday, July 20, 2018


Wifey and I had to go to Ajijic to settle some business.
Our first restaurant was near us called the Peacock in the park..or something like that.  It had 2 real peacocks in the garden that would walk around as you ate.  
It was absolutely beautiful.  BUT needs a better kitchen.  The pasta I had was atrocious.
Ajijic sits near the fabulous lake chapala.  The largest lake in Mexico.  The temperature is said to be the second best in the world.
We stayed at Hotel Casablanca where my wife and I first met 12 years ago.  It was so surreal to be back.
We met with our lawyer who won us the case against the original owner of my place in Ajjic.  This is us giving him the bird.
We had to travel to Guadalajara to sign final papers and whatnot.  It is an immense city.  One could get easily lost there.
Across from our hotel in Ajijic is the wonderful Lake Chapala society.  They have ten thousand americans living in this city.  Here is their pond on the property.   Beautiful coy fish.

Ate at a place called Cafe Sunrise.  Great food and atmosphere.
Since we did not have a car, we had to take the bus.  This is me doing my best Keanu Reeves impression in the movie Speed.
Look at this huge retro TV!  Man that thing is a hoss!
Look at those awesome green mountains!  Ajijic is year round lush of greenness!  Saltillo on the other hand is kind of a dustbowl.
Remember me pining for Vanlife?  We we finally did it.  Bought a used van.  Cannot wait to customize it with a bed etc.
We ate at Denny´s in Guad.  I HAD to take a pic of their urinal.  Hilarious!
Yup.  Furthur south in Mexico is so beautiful.  One day I will sell Monster Cafe and move down South.


  1. Damn,those are some beautiful sites !Those old school projection TV's sound awesome.I used to own one ,but had no way of moving It to our new place so I gave It to a neighbor.Wish I never had.

    1. It is said that some ten thousand expats live in Ajijic.

  2. Wow! Those are some pretty places!