Sunday, April 8, 2018


Well, we finally went to the old flea market in what has been like, forever for me.
Traded four old Jakks BCA extras I had for these two beauties.
A 1979 Imperial dinosaur...I call it a padrosaur.  Because I am too lazy to remember the thousand of dinosaur names...And I got an AWESOME Safari Chimera!  This Chimera is a thousand times better than the one LJN did for the Dungeons and Dragons line.  So happy with my pickups.

Pulgas had a few things on my list that I could not trade for too. 
TMNT Ratman, a Mattel Fandango, a 2002 MOTU Cyclone among others.


  1. That Imperial dinosaur is on my list as well. There is a second version of it without the head fin.

  2. Hey man, did you you delete your last post? Cuz its gone and screwing up the feed! I love that Chimera! I don't think LJN did a Chimera, they did do a dragonne though... A weird cross between a brass dragon and a giant lion.

    1. Yeah I did. Ray and I worked everything out. LJN DID do a chimera. A rubber flexible one that absolutely stunk up the joint.

    2. ooo... I'll have to be on the look out for that...

    3. Oh yuck! it does suck! I never liked the rubber bendy LJN stuff... I did like the action figure line though.

    4. Agreed! I do like some of the rubber figures. They are on my wishlist to get one day. The Carrion Crawler, Shambling mound, Roper, fire elemental, Umber Hulk etc. But I hated that Chimera. The Hydra too. Yuck