Thursday, March 15, 2018


Well after living here for 11 years....I have come to recognize some awesome blessings.
                                                              1. MEDICAL COSTS
I have detailed 3 years ago when I slipped and broke my arm in 4 places.  No insurance.  Xrays, temporary cast, consultant with the doctor, and a pain shot.  How much would that be in the U.S.?  I checked.  3 grand.  It was 70 dollars here.  SO cheap.  Got all my teeth free from cavaties and white resin put over them.  Cost me $50.  I plan on doing porceline implants one day.  Oh and hair restoration too.

There is MUCH more freedom here than in the U.S.  If I want to put a pond in my backyard....I just do it.  No stupid EPA inspectors to come out to give one a ticket that they are destroying the enviroment like in the U.S.  I heard one lady got a fine for $35,000 because she put a SMALL koi pond in her backyard.  
I can protect my home how I see fit here.  See the steel window I had made?  I even have metal spikes and barbed wire covering my rooftops.  It is common here.  You could never protect your home that way in the U.S.  If a thief hurt themselves breaking into your home in the states he can sue you....and win.  Ridiculous!


The property tax on my 7 bedroom home is $25 a year.  That is right.  Twenty five dollars.  A two bedroom home in Tenn is $1,400 in property tax.  Ugh!  My brother in Boston pays a whopping 10k every year. 

I felt really unsafe in Atlanta.  Got called so many derogatory names in da hood I dare cannot count.  I can walk around this city at midnight and be in relative peace.  Not so in downtown Atlanta.


Had this Electric Chair made.  $25 down here.  How much would this be in ole GA?  $300?  Who knows.  I have had many things made here for a cost of next to nothing.  Love that about Mexico.  I estimated my monster cafe would cost half a million or more in the states.  I did it for 75% off.

No one gives a crap down here.  I love it.  I can have my monster cafe how I want it without forking over licensing fees to Universal or Karloff´s greedy daughter etc.  Heck, I could make a Star Wars restaurant if I wanted to.

I never had a chance with any gal in the U.S.  They all want money and a nice home etc.  Heck even one woman I knew wanted to review a guy´s bank account BEFORE they had their first date.  The girls I dated in the states were ALL looking for the BDD.  The bigger and better deal.  I once got dumped by a girl in Atlanta because I didn´t have a car.  Her next boyfriend had one...Go figure.  I got my beautiful wife just by being a nice guy.  That was all it took.  I could have never had a chance with my wife had she been a spoiled entitled USA princess.

Yeah, we got mint jelly down here.  We also have Burger King, Sam´s Club, Mcdonalds, petco, chinese food, subway, Home Depot and frickin Chuck E Cheese etc.  When people think of Mexico they think it is poor etc.  Not so.  The only thing I am missing down here is a good Toys R Us, Olive Garden, and Taco bell...but since I own a restaurant I can have my chef make anything I want to so...And in the states Toys R Us is out of business now...


You can take a class on anything here.  Krav Maga, Taekwando, cooking classes, knitting classes, the works!  There is always something to do here.  How much are classes in the U.S.?  Bookoo dinero my friends.

We got beaches just a few short hours away.  We got mountains too.  Heck we have a ski lodge 40 minutes from me.  SO diverse.

Yup.  The Texas border is just 4 hours away.  I can go to a comic book convention and GET the aformentioned Taco Bell, Olive Garden etc.  

So...that is just a few of the blessings I have found here.  Not too shabby.  The only things I miss are English being spoken as the dominant language.  But there are many universities around here.  Guess what language is the most dominantly taught?  English.  Many people speak it here.


  1. I'll pass on singing the praises of a place that needs barbed wire on the roofs of homes, steel bars in the windows and feels it's okay to steal licensed properties to turn a profit.

    1. Um, barbed wire is not REQUIRED on homes. See my little liberal...guns are banned down here. What do YOU do to protect yourself where you are in the states? If you lived in Compton would you carry? MOST homes in Detroit have steel bars on windows. You wouldn´t know that of course by living in a 98% white neighborhood now would ya? And there is no stealing going on here. I am not selling anything with the UM logo on it. Do you voraciously complain about Applebee´s having Tom Hanks photos as Forrest Gump in their restaurants? Did they get his permission? Or the other hundreds of actor memorabilia they have hanging up? Or are you just a jealous little pissant wanting to give me a hardtime?

    2. Toybox is a typical coward libtard. It is now almost 4 months after he replied and he never came back to defend his POV.