Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I did not want to see this film considering I hated the Force Awakens so much.  BUT there was an idiot on the Friday the 13th website that couldn´t help but to spoil it in a meme.  He got blocked by me so no more of those shenanigans...

So before anything else got out to me, Wifey and I went to see it.
 We arrived around 1pm.  Movie started in 5 minutes.
 The poster looks badass.
Considering I was born in 72 I am one of the ones qualified to review this movie.  I was born at a time when Star Wars did not exist.  The ones after 1977 will have no idea what a non star wars planet is like and are thus unqualified to review it.  I love pure elitism.  I realize I run a Monster Cafe.  By my own rules....I cannot be a true fan of the monsters as I was not alive in 1931 when Frankenstein came out.  I have no problem saying it.  BUT I got Star Wars covered...

However this is where it gets WEIRD!  We are the only two in the theater.  Then it starts....So the entire theater is empty....And the two people that I am taking a picture of...Sit exactly behind us.  You have a hundred seats to pick from and you pick the ones directly behind us.  WEIRDOS!  Seriously.  So Wifey and I move back two rows....
Then 5 minutes later 3 people come in.  Guess where they decide to sit?  RIGHT beside us!  WEIRDOS!  Again you have hundreds of empty seats and complete rows to yourself...and you sit right beside us.  SO..........Wifey and I decide to sit at the very top of the theater.  What is WITH these weirdos?  So as Wifey and I were getting up we looked at them like they were crazy.  One actually grabbed my wife´s arm and said sit down.  She snapped her arm out of his grasp and said what the heck was he doing....So please when going to the theater do not be a weirdo.  A total of 7 people watched the Last Jedi.  Enough for every person to have their own row.  Do not sit right next or right behind people in an EMPTY theater.
 Wifey and I loved the movie.  It was better than part 7 for sure.  I did not feel the dieversity being shoved down my throat as badly as that one.

What I thought....A certain boyhood hero´s death kinda sucked.  Would have liked a more dramatic finish.  Yoda did not look right.  What else....The little chickens in the Millenium Falcon in the trailer I thought were going to be the next Jarjar and a groan from me.  But they didn´t turn out like that.  They didn´t bother me after all.  Surprised about the death of Snoke.  Thought he was going to be a big reveal villain.  I laugh at the fanboys for that one.  Many a youtube video space was wasted at trying to guess his identity....

I concur with another reviewer that it did indeed feel like a third part though.  It is a FAR cry from 1977 when I saw Star Wars in the theater.  Before all this New Hope crap.


  1. I liked it, though I did despise the Luke parts (until later in the film) but I have calmed down and realize that it was a good idea cause it showed that even "legends" can fail in reality.

    1. I was hoping for a real reunion though. Impossible since they killed Han in part 7 I know....but man...I bet leia, C3po, and Chewbacca bite it in the third one.