Sunday, July 9, 2017


The right to censor was a faction of wrestlers that appeared on RAW in 2000.  It was the WWF´s attempt at mocking the PTC or Parent Teacher Council I believe which was actively against the WWF for it´s risque content at the time.

The group originally consisted of former risque wrestlers that turned over a new leaf and wanted to be ¨correct¨on TV.  Val Venis and the Godfather...Fans didn´t care for it much and the idea was shelved a few months later.

I had 4 figures I didn´t know what to do with.  They didn´t excite me at all.  I decided to throw these four guys in MY version of the Right to Censor.  When you have wrestlers in a faction, it instantly makes them more valuable.  At least to me.

Snitsky, Marcus Cor Von, Sylvester Turkey, and Mike Knox led by Steven Richards is my version of the Right to Censor.

Thanks to Rosy for sewing these bad boys.  Now I have a new group to feud with my faces.