Wednesday, July 12, 2017


YES!  We managed another trip to the flea market a month later.  Got some more goodies.  Collection is growing by leaps and bounds.  I don´t feel so isolated as I did when I first moved here.  I would actually get jealous of people´s collections.
From left to right top first.

1. Toybiz J. Jonah Jameson- I don´t think the kids know who this guy is which works as a plus for me.  Finally got my JJJ back!  He is missing his vest.  Not going to care one iota.

2. GI JOE Sgt. Savage?- I have no idea.  I liked them when they came out in 1996 but only had the two villains.  Never bought one of the joes.  I like this guy.  He could be a SHIELD agent with a proper paint job.

3. Toybiz Cable 1- LOVE finding this guy!  He was my go to Cable figure back in the day.  Gotta have Ray make him a big gun.  And the pic you cannot tell but his karate chop fingers are broken off.  Ray can restore them though.

4, Mcfarlane´s Freak- I originally had him years ago as a serial killer ALA Mr. ZsasZ for Batman to fight.  He came naked of course as most figures do in Mexico.  Gotta find some knives for him.

5. Bruce Wayne George Clooney- For some reason I got a Batman clone storyline in my head brewing.  I think I have all of the Bruce Wayne´s now except the animated one.

6. Toybiz Sunspot- Love having him back!  Only missing Rictor, Domino, Cannonball now to complete the team of the X-Force.  Missing all of the villains however too though.

7. Blackstar Demons- HOLY CRAP!  I found TWO of these!  So fricking stoked!  I would get so jealous of ones finding these on other blogs etc....Now I have two!  I am done with this line now.

8. Toybiz mini Beast- Thought he would look great on top of the ole TV.  He looks just like the 2003 Toybiz Marvel Legends version.

9.  Disney PVC Vision- I am finding these down here!  Got Hawkeye, Rhino, and now the Vision.  Again, another TV topper.  I really want Doc Ock, Sandman, and the Juggernaut though.

10. Kenner Micheal Keaton Batman-  I almost had the whole collection back in 89-90.  Loved them.  This one actually had his cape.  I was stunned!  The one I want the most from this line is
Shadow wing Batman.  I remember you would squeeze his legs together and his arms popped out while holding his cape.  Loved that figure back in the day.

11. Gi Joe snowjob- My first vintage GI JOE I have ever found down here!  This is great.  Should I have Ray make skis etc.?  Don´t answer that.  Of course I will!

P.S.  Found 6 Wildcat figures down here from Playmates...but the guy saw an American and tried to charge me $7 each for them.  That is a huge price to pay for toys in Mexico IMO. It probably would be a fair price in the U.S. but I make my money in pesos.  So...  I left them.  It would have been $49 dollars for all.

Loving it down here.  Back when I first moved here there was ONE person selling action figures.  Now there are 4 or 5 sellers.  The odds are better I will find my stuff now.  Life is good.  There were other things I would have bought but I desperately want to finish these collections first.  I.E. Toybiz Marvel, Hasbro WWF etc.  They had the two headed Cobra by Chap Mei that I wanted badly, but older figures must come first.


  1. The pulgas were bitin' today ,huh, hobby?

    1. If they keep on biting...I am eager to scratch!

  2. The Black Star Demons are a great find!

    1. Aren´t they? I crapped when I found one. THEN I saw another one...Grabbed them immediately!