Tuesday, June 27, 2017


JUST about finished my entire action figure collection in little repairs.  Here is the latest batch.
 Found this Hush figure down here ages ago.  But the bottom part of his trenchcoat was ripped off.  I had Ray make a new one.
 The cannon on top of this GI Joe little roadster was gone as well.  Ray made me a new one.  It almost looks authentic no?  He also did Blowtorch´s gun.
I wasn´t quite happy with the first Scorpion King ax.  Ray very nicely, made a new one.  This one looks better.
 Also found the Toybiz Marvel Ahab down here.  Ray made a new spear for him to track down those dirty mutants!  Or convert them into hounds.  If you have read Days of Future present, you know what I am talking about.
Finally...These are all over the place in Mexico.  Little hard plastic masked wrestlers.  Wifey and I were shopping in a grocery store when I found this guy on a shelf next to plants.  I think a little kid was playing with him and it was his.  They do not sell these in the stores.  I decided to free him.  Had Ray paint him up like El Santo the famous Mexican luchador.  He will have a place on my TV.

More is to come soon.  Another batch of fixes.


  1. Replies
    1. Finally most of my toys are complete. Just another batch and it´s onto new custom things.

    2. He is very good at doing this.