Sunday, April 30, 2017


I happened to mosey on over to another table and was shocked to find more stuff that was awesome at the flea market!
 YES!  Table 2 was even more impressive!  Now for those that know me I HATE TMNT...Hate even the figures.  They look stupid...BUT this reimagining of them is pretty good.  I bought the crocodile man to be used as a possible Killer Croc for Batman to tangle with.  The Baxter Stockman Robot I got to be used as an IronMan baddie.

  Max Steel is HUGE down here in Mexico.  I found this cheap fire elemental to be used as an Avengers badguy.  The Soloman Grundy as a mobster...well I will change him too.  He is now a Batman villain.  There was a spiderman story I read in the nineties where a mobster was killed by the mob and he came back to life as a zombie to kill them.  I think I will name him Vinnie two shoes or something like that.

  The Disney Hunchback I got because in the nineties Batman had a hunchback named Harold the mechanic working for him in the batcave.  Thought this guy would make a great Harold.  For the last two...The Disney Marvel PVC Hawkeye.  How  could I pass him up?  He will go great on top of my TV.  The small Stone Giant is from a PVC Dungeons and Dragons line that I didn´t get to get ANY of.  He is on the TV too.
The stone giant is kinda dark....Hope I find more Dungeons PVC down here.  Specifically the ones in the Monster Manual from 1979.  Would love to get a purple worm or a Carrion Crawler.
 Here is my failed attempt to photograph the new Killer Croc in the wild...
This one was better if not for my stupid tire in the pic.

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