Sunday, April 30, 2017


I happened to mosey on over to another table and was shocked to find more stuff that was awesome at the flea market!
 YES!  Table 2 was even more impressive!  Now for those that know me I HATE TMNT...Hate even the figures.  They look stupid...BUT this reimagining of them is pretty good.  I bought the crocodile man to be used as a possible Killer Croc for Batman to tangle with.  The Baxter Stockman Robot I got to be used as an IronMan baddie.

  Max Steel is HUGE down here in Mexico.  I found this cheap fire elemental to be used as an Avengers badguy.  The Soloman Grundy as a mobster...well I will change him too.  He is now a Batman villain.  There was a spiderman story I read in the nineties where a mobster was killed by the mob and he came back to life as a zombie to kill them.  I think I will name him Vinnie two shoes or something like that.

  The Disney Hunchback I got because in the nineties Batman had a hunchback named Harold the mechanic working for him in the batcave.  Thought this guy would make a great Harold.  For the last two...The Disney Marvel PVC Hawkeye.  How  could I pass him up?  He will go great on top of my TV.  The small Stone Giant is from a PVC Dungeons and Dragons line that I didn´t get to get ANY of.  He is on the TV too.
The stone giant is kinda dark....Hope I find more Dungeons PVC down here.  Specifically the ones in the Monster Manual from 1979.  Would love to get a purple worm or a Carrion Crawler.
 Here is my failed attempt to photograph the new Killer Croc in the wild...
This one was better if not for my stupid tire in the pic.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Monster Cafe Saltillo is kicking ALL kinds of ass.  It has been a rejuvenation.  I would like to extend a middle finger at this time to a certain group from Montterey that said we would not make it.  Well we have been operating for 8 years now.  It will only end when I DECIDE it will end.  Not before.

The best is yet to come baby!  There are some johnny come lately bars just opening up...I predict they will be gone soon much like Cabo Grill is outta business baby.

We are awesome.  We are still here.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


I have not been able to go to the flea market in months.  Finally we took the day off and went.  I was not disappointed.

First of all this car was parked next door to the Mcdonalds.  I love wild hotrods like this.  So cool!  Something right out of Grease or something like that...

The first table had all of this.  Boy was I exstatic!  An Indiana Jones terrorist guy....When the seller sold it to me...he said BOOM!  BOOM!  I thought that was hilarious and...weird at the same time.

Found 2 more Hasbro WWF wrestlers too!  I had these in their original run but when Jakks started making them I sold the entire lot on Ebay.  Big mistake.  I do have a fondness for these little guys.  That makes 3 I have found down here.  The other one being the marked up Ricky Steamboat that Ray restored sometime ago.  

Next were two Toybiz favorites I also had in their original run.  Krule and Exodus.  I could not believe Toybiz was making these obscure characters.  I thought they would have more impact in the comics than they did.  Krule was an immortal.  Which means he should still be alive right?  I gotta google their powers as I have forgotten all of these years later.  Gonna have Ray restore them too.

Come on RV!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


No I am not dead.  Just waiting for new stuff to come to me.  And Ray delivered today!
 Got capes for Prime and Magneto today.  Have to have capes!  They are incomplete without em!

A wicked looking skull staff for Outcast was made.  My figure I picked up in the wild had nothing on him.
 He could be a nemesis for not only Ghost Rider but Dr. Strange as well!
 A Silverhawk figure I picked up had no wings.  Ray made some.  Now he can fly!
Everyone knows my love of Mcdonalds!  I found this doggy toy so I had Ray write the Mcdonalds name on it with the logo.
 I found this original Smokey and the Bandit car with the logo worn completely off of it.  I had Ray repaint it so now it can Vroom!

So that is it this time.  More stuff is coming.  I am almost done with fixing all of my toys.