Friday, February 17, 2017


Back in 1991, my girlfriend at the time, Aimee and her parents, took me to see the Rocky Horror picture show for the first time.

I fell in love instantly and rushed down stage to join the cast.  It called out to me.  So in 1991 I joined the Lipsync cast of Atlanta GA.  I did it for a couple of years before going to college.

Another thrill for me was joining the famous 14th street cast in New York in 2000, for 6 months too.  God to work with the Mad Man Mike!  He has been around Rocky forever.
So I am still getting a few things back from my childhood that disappeared.

The Rocky Horror picture show book!

Great book!  Probably the best on the market even today.  I will be reading this one tonight.  Thanks to my buddy Luis Charles for bringing this back into my life.  The other Rocky books borrow heavily from this one so I think this will be it for Rocky.  I will not be getting the creatures of the night volumes nor the Treasury.


  1. We have not forgotten about you, my Friend ( Jango still sitting aside (now more dust)... health and financial issues have gotten in the way..) Hello from Marshville and wishing you and yours a great 2017 to you and yours ... Stacey / "dr, Theda"...

    1. Government took away my inhalers... (Drug companies raised $$) so we cannot even go for a walk anymore... now the tumor on my Heart... our days are numbered...