Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I haven´t done a top 10 list in a long time.  And I am waiting for Ray to finish up a few things so I can post them...So let´s do this while I am waiting.  I made a few t shirts a few years ago.  I want to do more as always.  So here is my top 10 images i want to do.

1. Gotta do Uncle Andy!  I have been wanting an Andy Kaufman shirt for years.  I think this is the one I will do someday.

2. There have been many Star Wars shirts over the years.  But nothing about the cards.  I would be the first to do one.
 3. Burger King Herb- I did a Clara peller one...So I gotta do this one.  I have no idea why but I have fond memories of Where´s the Beef and Herb!
 4. Lost Caverns of Tjoscanth- This was the first Dungeons module I had ever played.  I loved the artwork on it.  It would be pure nostalgia to do this.
5. Shit shirt-I remember at Sonny´s hobbies in Atlanta flipping through the impressions you could choose to make a shirt.  This one was so funny to me.  I remember laughing about it in my 9 year old bed.
6. Vampire blood-  This was Halloween to my little self.  This tube of halloween blood.  Gotta make a shirt one day about it.
 7. Wolfman- This image in particular is very cool about him.  It is my favorite Universal monster movie.  Nothing better than this to make.
8. Batman 11- I had a few shirts like this in 1989.  Would love to have them again.  Liked this one in particular.
9. Arnold is numero uno- This is the famous shirt Schwarzneggar wore in the movie Pumping Iron.  I was a bodybuilding fanatic in the nineties and this would remind me of it.

10. Sid and Nancy- Had this shirt too in 86.  Would like to have it again.  I thought the movie Sid and Nancy was my Bible back then.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hasbro made this Johnny Storm for their MU 3.75 line.  Why did they have to make his hair on fire?  To let people know he MIGHT turn into the human torch?  How does he walk around the Baxtor building around like that all day?  So suffice to say I do not like it.  So I had Ray change it.
To something like this.  You know....normal.  I can just imagine the figure goes to brush his hair and melts his comb right?
Much better!  He looks normal!  I wish he had made the part on the side but I guess something got lost in translation.  He also made some other improvements.
He made a Cyborg Batman cape!
I was expecting a normal cape...but he did the one the figure originally came with.  What a guy!
He also did one for the Batman animated series guy
Even put the ridges in it...
Hawkeye gets a better bow with more arrows in the quiver.

Avengers hawkeye gets the treatment too with a crossbow!

Ray also made some special Hawkeye arrows.  Sonic, exploding, smokebomb etc.

You in the official handbook of the Marvel universe.

All in all I am very pleased.  I already ordered the next batch of fixem ups.   I have alot of figures for him to fix I guess.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


 They sell these at the Museum of Dinosaurs and in the flea market!  They are so frickin awesome and big!  See the Mezco King Kong in the back?  Now you have an idea of the size of these beasts.
The Anklosaurus is one that really appeals to me.  He is great.  Would love to play Savage Land with the MU Xmen.
 The Trike is to die for too!  I can imagine buying three of them doing a stampede or something.
 The Wooly Mammoth is just ok.  I wasn´t blown away by him.
 The Steg is even bigger than the Mammoth.  I think size is what is missing.  The Wooly needs to be larger.
Look at the Trex!  He is bigger than the person holding him it seems.

I hope to collect some of these down here but really have no more space for these right now.