Sunday, December 31, 2017

PULGAS RUN 8! Strange apparitions!

Had no money once again...but we went to the old flea market.  Got 2 goodies that were on my list. Traded 2 Jakks BCA´s...
Toybiz Dr. Strange and Total Justice Batman!  Had them both when they originally came out in 97-98...but alas, when Dad died I sold my collection.  Ugh.  I will have to redo these guys with some nifty capes.  Fix them right on up!

They also had the imaginext Supernova there that is a wishlist item for sure.  I just do NOT have the space for that frickin thing.  Eh, perhaps next year.  We went on December 24th.  Very few dealers were there.  Very few people were there.  I thought it would be packed.  Got these two beauties.  Only around a thousand more toys to go.

I am surprised I have not found one single Reaction figure down here.  I am sure the kids have no idea who those characters when they hit I am sure I will hit the motherload.

Friday, December 15, 2017


We have not had snow in years.  At least in the city.  Beautiful but what a frickin nuisance!
The terraza was covered with the crap.
And because of the huge church it did not melt for days.  The church casts a huge shadow which prevents sunlight from getting in.  AND it has the added bonus of leaking through my roof and getting my bed wet with around 40 gallons of water.  Isn´t that great?  AND no one goes to Monster Cafe to eat when it is frickin snowing and raining...So I have another added bonus of having NO money to fix this disaster.  AND it is going to rain for 5 straight days.
So we went to Arteaga again.
Saw this unique carving in a tree.
Snow can be enjoyable when one doesn´t have to work.
So flippin cold outside!  Gots to huddle together!
A small creek I am standing next to.

Afterwards a meal in San Antonio de las anas!

A small cliff that has been coverted into some kind of Mary worship place.

I hope one day to be able to move to a warmer area.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


So I brought more to trade with the flea market.  More of those frickin wrestling figures I bought too many of thinking people would buy them from me.  Nope.  They are sitting on the monster cafe shelves just rotting for the past 9 fricking years. Oh well.  Time to put them to some good use.

Got 3 Marvel Universe 3.75 inch figures.  Guardian, The Leader, and Titanium man!  Awesome gets!  This makes my second and last Guardian.  They were the policeman for the Vault to haul away the superpowered criminals!

The Rock R3- I could never find a good rock figure.  Well that search is over now.  He may be my world champion someday.

Fisher price little people- YES!  Stoked!  I normally hate baby toys as you know.  But these are from my childhood so they get a pass.  She had so many.  Saw three dogs.  But I weedled it down to just these 6.  I hope I can find one of the playsets down here oneday.

So this was an excellent run at the pulgas.  Too happy. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PULGAS SCORE 7-a whole boatload has been tight.  We had a few things to fix in the cafe etc.  But don´t worry we are enjoying ourselves.

But I thought how can I get my obsession with action figures taken care of.

Then it hit me.  In 2009 I spent a thousand bucks on Jakks wrestling figures.  Seperated what I wanted and was trying all these years to sell the rest in the cafe to NO luck.  I think I have sold 40 total...Not many like wrestling in Saltillo I suppose.  When Mattel came out with their versions, well it made me hate Jakks.  I hate the huge thunder thighs on them etc.  I hope Mattel does every single Jakks figure ever done so I can be free of the collection.  So...I brought a few with me to the flea market...and am so thankful that the people there decided to trade with me.

Got alot of things that were on my list!
1. Toybiz Banshee- he is missing his plastic wings...Gotta have Ray fix that pronto.
2. Hasbro Rhino- Needed a Rhino figure.  The Disney pvc is my favorite version of him though.
3.Imaginext mechsuit- Awesome!  I will have it battle my Super Powers Superman figure.
4.BTAS-Two Face- This is the Twoface figure I wanted.  The best one.
5.Last Action hero Ax guy- oh yeah.  A serial killer for my Batman to capture.  Gotta have Ray make his Ax though.
6. Mattel basic Tyson Kidd- I wish his tag partner DH Smith was there but oh well.  Glad to have him.
7. Mattel basic Zack Ryder- Maybe I will tag Kidd and Ryder together?
8. Mattel elite dolph ziggler- The almost showstopper.  Elites are so much better than basics.

So all in all I love it.  Got to trade some extra crappy Titan Tron Live figures and got stuff I actually wanted.

Friday, November 10, 2017


So Ray made these custom weapons.  The Freak and Bishop are awesome.  It is my fault for giving him a picture of Cable with the gun in that hand and Ray not being familiar with the character nor the toy, sculpted the massive gun in Cable´s karate hand.  Ooops.

Oh well.  I like what he did here.  Happy as a clam.  Now gotta fix Green Arrow, and a few others.

I have not posted in a month.  Money has been tight but more figures are coming. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Controversial Thursday- Bad boys whatcha gonna do?

I don't get it.  WHY?  We got visited last year with 25 cops and they closed us down for not paying a license on time.  We paid this year's...Yet what happens?  Instead of CHECKING their records to see if we paid they have to send cops in again to check our paperwork!  Any idea of how Messed up is Mexico?  Anyone?  That they don't know who has paid their license and who has not?
 Really?  I mean really?
 There were more cops behind me as I took this shot.  Around 10 in all this time.  At least it was cut in half from the year before.  Last year was 25 or so.
 They stopped traffic to do this.  Ridiculous!
Police state anyone?  If they HAVE our papers down at the county office that says we paid our license this year WHY in the hell do they do this?  To scare the bar owners?  Our taxes pay their catblastit salary!  All it does is scare customers and us.  Period.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


What have I been doing lately?  Trying to stay afloat!  I have not been able to go to the flea market etc. because I have massive bills to pay.  Priorities!
 But we did get to go on a trip out yonder and got this blondie horse pic.
 And this VERY shy donkey.  She kept walking away from me if I came near her.
 This is common out yonder.  Some type of water thingie.  It is not a pool but for the animals.
 This little cow was tied on the side of the road.  I mooooed at her but I got nothing but a hardy look.
 When people think of Mexico in the U.S. they do not think of shots like these.  Beautiful huh?
 That ain´t no bull!
 I was very happy to get to hang outside some.  It is nice once in awhile to get away from Monster Cafe and enjoy God´s scenery.
Even got a pic of this here jackrabbit.  He is right in the middle thinking he hid from us.

I hope my situation changes soon and I can get back to figure collecting and playset making.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


 The horse almost came inside the window.  I think I love them because I was raised in the city all my life.  Not even a dog or a cat I had!
Little goats.  The kid that was tending all of these was too shy to be on camera.  I LOVE the Mexican people!  So humble etc.

I want to someday purchase a farm out here and raise animals of my own.  It would be paradise.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I had 3 Rick Steiners I picked up 8 years ago.  So I decided to pick one and do a what if.  WHAT IF Rick Steiner joined the NWO?  So there he is.  Then I had Ray fix Apocalypse.
They both came out very well.  I am very happy.

Friday, August 18, 2017

PULGAS SCORE 6- 2 figs!

Wifey is not letting me collect because we have bills to pay...but she let me pick up two figures this past week.
He had a Primal Rage white monkey that I kinda wanted..but he wanted too much money for it.  BUT...with that said, glad I got these two.  I HATE the playmates TMNT figures from the eighties.  They are cartoony and not my taste. Hell I even hate the story.  Radiation on turtles is just a stupid concept. This newer series takes itself a little more seriously.  Shredder here looks cool.  And I LOVE the articulation.

JLU Green Arrow-  I debated to get this or not because I would rather have the Super Powers version but really...what are the frickin odds of getting an SP version in my lifetime.  So I bit the bullet and got this one.  Gotta have Ray make a quiver and bow and arrow someday.

Would love to find more JLU down here.  I am already mixing my SP Superman with them.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I had heard horror stories of the rubber mask degrading over time...but had not witnessed it before firsthand...
Look at Dracula and Franky above!
The wolfman is almost destroyed totally.  I bought these masks in 2009 and hung them up in Monster Cafe all those years.  But now....

Who can I call?

RAY to the rescue!
 He quickly in one week stuffed them with paper mache and colored them to look right.  He added eyes to the eyeless Franky and Wolfy to the left.
 I mounted them above the display case.  Much better there!
Oh yeah.  Now the traffic that goes by can see them better.  Way to go Ray!
 Just a cool shot I took of the cafe signs.
 Our huge Wolfman sign.  So impressive!
Or original Frankenstein sign.  Wow.  8 and a half years and counting.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


What is a barandala?  Hell if I know.  But that is what my wifey calls them.
 They are hanging signs outside.  I love using these images.  From my favorite horror record from my youth.  The Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman record by Power Records.
Here is the other one on the corner.  I love love love them.

Friday, August 4, 2017


My Wifey thought this over with Ray.  I had no part of it.  But the cafe needed a little something after all these years.  Wifey wants to fix a little of the cafe.  It needs attending to.  So no more action figures for awhile I am afraid.  Wifey has put a moratorium on me for a few months.  HAHA
 Oh man.  Ray nailed it.  He looks so terrifying!
 This is where it is in relation to the cafe.
The man himself!  Thanks mi amigo!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I accidently printed it out on Orange.  I just love this classic halloweeny look.

I have some more bloggery to do.  Hopefully I will get to it one day.  But my readership has basically died.  I was having 50 people view down to 12.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Found these two Mcdonald goodies at the pulgas sometime ago.
Glad to even find glasses down here.  I don´t feel as isolated as I once did without my culture.   I found these both at different times and years.  Pretty cool!  I wonder if I will ever find the rest down here.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Ray came through like a champ to repair more toys.
Soloman Grundy from the Batman Brave and the bold line.  I HATED those holes all over him.  I had Ray fill them in and paint them.
Exodus got a white cape.  Now he looks complete to me.  I left off those silly wings he had.
 Krule was missing his hair with the spike ball on the end.  Ray did a great job IMO.  I hate incomplete figures.
 Apocalypse had his tubes he can have kids!
And finally the horn for the Disney Marvel PVC Rhino figure!  It is just a little longer than normal but looks awesome!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


YES!  We managed another trip to the flea market a month later.  Got some more goodies.  Collection is growing by leaps and bounds.  I don´t feel so isolated as I did when I first moved here.  I would actually get jealous of people´s collections.
From left to right top first.

1. Toybiz J. Jonah Jameson- I don´t think the kids know who this guy is which works as a plus for me.  Finally got my JJJ back!  He is missing his vest.  Not going to care one iota.

2. GI JOE Sgt. Savage?- I have no idea.  I liked them when they came out in 1996 but only had the two villains.  Never bought one of the joes.  I like this guy.  He could be a SHIELD agent with a proper paint job.

3. Toybiz Cable 1- LOVE finding this guy!  He was my go to Cable figure back in the day.  Gotta have Ray make him a big gun.  And the pic you cannot tell but his karate chop fingers are broken off.  Ray can restore them though.

4, Mcfarlane´s Freak- I originally had him years ago as a serial killer ALA Mr. ZsasZ for Batman to fight.  He came naked of course as most figures do in Mexico.  Gotta find some knives for him.

5. Bruce Wayne George Clooney- For some reason I got a Batman clone storyline in my head brewing.  I think I have all of the Bruce Wayne´s now except the animated one.

6. Toybiz Sunspot- Love having him back!  Only missing Rictor, Domino, Cannonball now to complete the team of the X-Force.  Missing all of the villains however too though.

7. Blackstar Demons- HOLY CRAP!  I found TWO of these!  So fricking stoked!  I would get so jealous of ones finding these on other blogs etc....Now I have two!  I am done with this line now.

8. Toybiz mini Beast- Thought he would look great on top of the ole TV.  He looks just like the 2003 Toybiz Marvel Legends version.

9.  Disney PVC Vision- I am finding these down here!  Got Hawkeye, Rhino, and now the Vision.  Again, another TV topper.  I really want Doc Ock, Sandman, and the Juggernaut though.

10. Kenner Micheal Keaton Batman-  I almost had the whole collection back in 89-90.  Loved them.  This one actually had his cape.  I was stunned!  The one I want the most from this line is
Shadow wing Batman.  I remember you would squeeze his legs together and his arms popped out while holding his cape.  Loved that figure back in the day.

11. Gi Joe snowjob- My first vintage GI JOE I have ever found down here!  This is great.  Should I have Ray make skis etc.?  Don´t answer that.  Of course I will!

P.S.  Found 6 Wildcat figures down here from Playmates...but the guy saw an American and tried to charge me $7 each for them.  That is a huge price to pay for toys in Mexico IMO. It probably would be a fair price in the U.S. but I make my money in pesos.  So...  I left them.  It would have been $49 dollars for all.

Loving it down here.  Back when I first moved here there was ONE person selling action figures.  Now there are 4 or 5 sellers.  The odds are better I will find my stuff now.  Life is good.  There were other things I would have bought but I desperately want to finish these collections first.  I.E. Toybiz Marvel, Hasbro WWF etc.  They had the two headed Cobra by Chap Mei that I wanted badly, but older figures must come first.