Thursday, April 27, 2017


I have not been able to go to the flea market in months.  Finally we took the day off and went.  I was not disappointed.

First of all this car was parked next door to the Mcdonalds.  I love wild hotrods like this.  So cool!  Something right out of Grease or something like that...

The first table had all of this.  Boy was I exstatic!  An Indiana Jones terrorist guy....When the seller sold it to me...he said BOOM!  BOOM!  I thought that was hilarious and...weird at the same time.

Found 2 more Hasbro WWF wrestlers too!  I had these in their original run but when Jakks started making them I sold the entire lot on Ebay.  Big mistake.  I do have a fondness for these little guys.  That makes 3 I have found down here.  The other one being the marked up Ricky Steamboat that Ray restored sometime ago.  

Next were two Toybiz favorites I also had in their original run.  Krule and Exodus.  I could not believe Toybiz was making these obscure characters.  I thought they would have more impact in the comics than they did.  Krule was an immortal.  Which means he should still be alive right?  I gotta google their powers as I have forgotten all of these years later.  Gonna have Ray restore them too.

Come on RV!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


No I am not dead.  Just waiting for new stuff to come to me.  And Ray delivered today!
 Got capes for Prime and Magneto today.  Have to have capes!  They are incomplete without em!

A wicked looking skull staff for Outcast was made.  My figure I picked up in the wild had nothing on him.
 He could be a nemesis for not only Ghost Rider but Dr. Strange as well!
 A Silverhawk figure I picked up had no wings.  Ray made some.  Now he can fly!
Everyone knows my love of Mcdonalds!  I found this doggy toy so I had Ray write the Mcdonalds name on it with the logo.
 I found this original Smokey and the Bandit car with the logo worn completely off of it.  I had Ray repaint it so now it can Vroom!

So that is it this time.  More stuff is coming.  I am almost done with fixing all of my toys.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Finally I have decided to return to my sewing gal making custom jackets for my wrestlers.
 Dangit...Miz is out of focus...Oh well.  This is my mattel Miz figure.  He needed his custom jacket.
 TNA´s The pope, dinero d├íngelo is next.  He needed a coat badly.  The only thing I do not like on this one are the silver buttons are too large.
 I gave Cowboy Bob Orton his signature western vest.  Without it he looked so boring.
I have done two Edge coats before.  White and purple.  Finally had to complete the series with a black one.

British Bulldog, Carlito, and the Freebirds are on deck for next.  After that will be the Right to Censor.  I wish I had never stopped making these.  I do not have too much more to go.  Only 40 to go.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Penguin is at large in the chemical plant of Gothom city!
 Ray had to make his tails and make it so the Umbrella would fit into Penguin´s hand.
 Batman arrives to take care of the evildoer!
 The Penguin is opening the valve!  He will flood Gotham with all of the toxic waste!  What a dastardly deed!
Ray also made this Batman cape.  EVERY Batman that arrives down here must never have a cape.  It is a rule living in Saltillo.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


There were not many skycycles made.  Oh hell maybe there was.  But none made their way down here to Mexico.  And none looked like they were flying I tell ya that!

So I had Ray make one.
So frickin cool!  I made it big enough for Toybiz figures...
But then I really wanted it for MU figures most of all!

It looks amazing.  It is just the right size so that you can put two riding it.
 Oh yeah baby!
 Giddy up!

I hope to heck one day I find an MU Hawkeye to ride it.

Friday, March 10, 2017


YES!  There are new businesses that have come to Saltillo!  
1. Petco!  YES!  PETCO!  I could not believe it.  I mean are there really people in Saltillo that would go here?  I mean I love it.  But it has always been an American company.  But yes here it is.  I am so thrilled!  That means that more will come.  If a glorified pet store can come to little ole Saltillo and make money....Heck this opens the door wide open for other companies. 
Here is hoping for Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, Toys R Us, and Olive Garden.  Those would be my big wants for sure.
A frickin IHOP!  Awesome!  If pancakes can sell here...then I am sure more companies will be showing up.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


 The Avengers while in the Savage Land have wandered into the lair of the gigantic Scorpion king!
 He casts a spell transporting most of them to the other side of the Earth.  Except for Falcon.  He wants to sacrifice falcon on the alter of doom!  oh no!
 He didn´t count on Goliath hiding in the back!  He wrestles with the godlike King.
Whammo!  Goliath way lays into him!
Yeah..all of this is to really showcase the staff I had Ray make for the Scorpion King.  He didn´t have a weapon when I found him.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


So Ray is back...fixing my toys once again.
I found a Mcdonalds MOTU Beast man not too long ago.  But he had no whip.
 Ray made the whip out of one of those toilet bowl thingies...
Since I do not have many creatures for him to ride...I put him upon this mighty tarantula.  So awesome!
Also had Ray make this Lizard I found with no tail to um....a lizard with tail!

Friday, February 17, 2017


Back in 1991, my girlfriend at the time, Aimee and her parents, took me to see the Rocky Horror picture show for the first time.

I fell in love instantly and rushed down stage to join the cast.  It called out to me.  So in 1991 I joined the Lipsync cast of Atlanta GA.  I did it for a couple of years before going to college.

Another thrill for me was joining the famous 14th street cast in New York in 2000, for 6 months too.  God to work with the Mad Man Mike!  He has been around Rocky forever.
So I am still getting a few things back from my childhood that disappeared.

The Rocky Horror picture show book!

Great book!  Probably the best on the market even today.  I will be reading this one tonight.  Thanks to my buddy Luis Charles for bringing this back into my life.  The other Rocky books borrow heavily from this one so I think this will be it for Rocky.  I will not be getting the creatures of the night volumes nor the Treasury.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Toymakers...we want civilian identies too.  We do not want Dick Grayson in his pre Robin outfit.
When the figure puts his Robin costume on it looks clunky.  It looks stupid.  So I had Ray make something like this...
Hope this will turn out good.

Had Ray also paint the eyes and tongue of Killer Croc.  Now they both look great.  I can have little adventures of Dick sitting around Wayne Manor waiting the bat signal.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I haven´t done a top 10 list in a long time.  And I am waiting for Ray to finish up a few things so I can post them...So let´s do this while I am waiting.  I made a few t shirts a few years ago.  I want to do more as always.  So here is my top 10 images i want to do.

1. Gotta do Uncle Andy!  I have been wanting an Andy Kaufman shirt for years.  I think this is the one I will do someday.

2. There have been many Star Wars shirts over the years.  But nothing about the cards.  I would be the first to do one.
 3. Burger King Herb- I did a Clara peller one...So I gotta do this one.  I have no idea why but I have fond memories of Where´s the Beef and Herb!
 4. Lost Caverns of Tjoscanth- This was the first Dungeons module I had ever played.  I loved the artwork on it.  It would be pure nostalgia to do this.
5. Shit shirt-I remember at Sonny´s hobbies in Atlanta flipping through the impressions you could choose to make a shirt.  This one was so funny to me.  I remember laughing about it in my 9 year old bed.
6. Vampire blood-  This was Halloween to my little self.  This tube of halloween blood.  Gotta make a shirt one day about it.
 7. Wolfman- This image in particular is very cool about him.  It is my favorite Universal monster movie.  Nothing better than this to make.
8. Batman 11- I had a few shirts like this in 1989.  Would love to have them again.  Liked this one in particular.
9. Arnold is numero uno- This is the famous shirt Schwarzneggar wore in the movie Pumping Iron.  I was a bodybuilding fanatic in the nineties and this would remind me of it.

10. Sid and Nancy- Had this shirt too in 86.  Would like to have it again.  I thought the movie Sid and Nancy was my Bible back then.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hasbro made this Johnny Storm for their MU 3.75 line.  Why did they have to make his hair on fire?  To let people know he MIGHT turn into the human torch?  How does he walk around the Baxtor building around like that all day?  So suffice to say I do not like it.  So I had Ray change it.
To something like this.  You know....normal.  I can just imagine the figure goes to brush his hair and melts his comb right?
Much better!  He looks normal!  I wish he had made the part on the side but I guess something got lost in translation.  He also made some other improvements.
He made a Cyborg Batman cape!
I was expecting a normal cape...but he did the one the figure originally came with.  What a guy!
He also did one for the Batman animated series guy
Even put the ridges in it...
Hawkeye gets a better bow with more arrows in the quiver.

Avengers hawkeye gets the treatment too with a crossbow!

Ray also made some special Hawkeye arrows.  Sonic, exploding, smokebomb etc.

You in the official handbook of the Marvel universe.

All in all I am very pleased.  I already ordered the next batch of fixem ups.   I have alot of figures for him to fix I guess.