Friday, December 30, 2016


I haven´t died.  Ray has just taken 2 months to do 8 things.  I think he is busy with something else.  I have lost my priority.

So...We went to the flea market recently and got good items.
1. A deluxe aggression Bret Hart!  WOW!  I thought i would never find something like this all the way in Mexico.

2. RA Melina- I normally do not buy women wrestlers but my John Morrison, and Joey Mercury needed a manager.

3. Gi joe Blowtorch and Cobra guy- 3.75 are not found here often.  I can have Ray make Blowtorch´s um torch.

4. Batman forever- I loved this Batman figure.  Owned him in 1995.  He doesn´t have a cape but Ray can fix that.

5. Toybiz Phoenix- I had all of the toybiz figures years ago.  Sold them when my father had passed.  So glad to have her back in the fold.

6. Godzilla smelly bat- i am going to try to pose him over my knockoff Mezco King Kong figure.

7- Ertl Smokey and the Bandit car- SO surprised to find this gem.  Had it as a kid too.

8. Mcdonalds Twoface- I have Joker, Poisen Ivy and now this.  All I gotta do is find the Penguin car

Awesome pickups for me!