Friday, December 30, 2016


I haven´t died.  Ray has just taken 2 months to do 8 things.  I think he is busy with something else.  I have lost my priority.

So...We went to the flea market recently and got good items.
1. A deluxe aggression Bret Hart!  WOW!  I thought i would never find something like this all the way in Mexico.

2. RA Melina- I normally do not buy women wrestlers but my John Morrison, and Joey Mercury needed a manager.

3. Gi joe Blowtorch and Cobra guy- 3.75 are not found here often.  I can have Ray make Blowtorch´s um torch.

4. Batman forever- I loved this Batman figure.  Owned him in 1995.  He doesn´t have a cape but Ray can fix that.

5. Toybiz Phoenix- I had all of the toybiz figures years ago.  Sold them when my father had passed.  So glad to have her back in the fold.

6. Godzilla smelly bat- i am going to try to pose him over my knockoff Mezco King Kong figure.

7- Ertl Smokey and the Bandit car- SO surprised to find this gem.  Had it as a kid too.

8. Mcdonalds Twoface- I have Joker, Poisen Ivy and now this.  All I gotta do is find the Penguin car

Awesome pickups for me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This is the one I had Ray change the most.  I saw the Matty one that they did.  

Had Ray add those awesome back pinchers to the original.
So frickin cool!  Webstor is ready to inject his venom.
Oh no!  Our intrepid hero Iron man has found himself in Webstor´s lair.  Can he defeat the mighty foe?  YOU DECIDE!

This is the last of the Motu that I have.  It has been fun showcasing them.  I hope to find more one day.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Stratos was one of the first MOTU to come out.  He looked like one of motorycycle monkeys from the Wiz 1978.

Ray took the naked Stratos figure I found and sculpted the wings on him.
He looks totally boss.  Love restoring broken toys.  Thanks to Ray of course.  I sure do hope to find more MOTU down here.  It has been a blast adding them again to the old collection.