Sunday, September 11, 2016


One of my favorite times in comics as a kid was in the eighties.  Especially when the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe came out.   It was so cool seeing all these characters I didn´t know etc.
One of them was Titanium man, an ironman foe.  To this day I have never picked up an issue with him in it.  However I did see him once.  We did get the 1966 Marvel Superheroes cartoon and he fought Iron Man once in this armor.  But I had the Toybiz 1996 figure....and thought I would make my own since I have not found that figure yet down here.
 I took an old Jakks Carlito DA figure and had Ray make this guy.  His size is impressive.  I always figured Titanium man to be huge.
 Uh oh!  He has Shellhead in his grasp!  What will befall our gallant hero?
Ironman shot him in the crotch!  No really the thing just ripped as I was trying to spread his legs.  Ray will have to revisit this guy!


  1. I think the face should be completely blacked out and the eyes should just be two yellow dots.Other than that ,great job.

    1. I like the mouth. He has the mouth in the cartoon.

  2. Titanium man on steroids!Looks like he is ready to stomp on the Hulk

  3. Replies
    1. Eh, that is the old boiler room playset for my wrestling figures.