Sunday, September 18, 2016


Going to Arteaga on Sunday´s is not just a good day to get figures but to have fun too.
Pony rides!  We never do it but that may change in the future.
Wifey poses with a few.
We love the sunny days of Arteaga!  Look at that sky!
My turn!  In the bag is the Heman figures I picked up from a couple of blog posts back.
Look at those mountains back there!  That is something I never saw in Georgia
Honey..I think your pony is a little hoarse...See what I did there?  HAHA  Yeah it is an old joke I stole from Top Secret the movie.
The square from Arteaga.  I love this area of Coahuila.
They even have a little creek below.
The handsome couple!
Can we come again to get more toys?
Strolled into the Arteaga church for the first time.
Outside said structure.
Storm clouds coming!  A great place to live.
Very curious to see what is down that road.
Saw a little dog sleeping near the water.
So awesome that stream is.

All in all one of the best days ever to be there.  I got lots of great figures!  Saw god´s green earth.  Couldn´t be better.
 Found more water on the way to Arteaga!  wow.  For sale too!
 Just lush and green.
 Even some cows walking in the middle of the road!
 Cows!  Yeah I never saw that stuff in the big city of Atlanta.
 Even a black horse which I named....
The Black Stallion!  From the 1979 movie of my youth!


  1. Beautiful pics,Matt. I was lucky enough to have lived in Puerto Rico for 4 years as a kid ,so I can relate to the cows,horses,lagartijos,salamancas name It,we had It!My uncle lived on a farm and owned alot of land In Morovis,we'd go out there alot.Miss those days.

    1. That is my goal in life. To get a farm one day.

  2. Love those shots of the clouds. Looks like you guys had a good time.

  3. seems like no matter where you go somebody just has to spray paint an something. You should carry along an action figure with you on these trips so you can gets some shots out in thee wild!