Sunday, September 25, 2016

RANDOM PULGAS OUTING beastman batmen

So Wifey and I decided to take off on Sunday.  A random trip to the flea market.  I came away with some pretty good stuff for $7!  I never had any of these figures before mind you.

1. BTAS Dick Grayson- I thought it was so stupid to show make these figures like this.  I will be customizing for how he looked in the show.  What kind of dork has the initials DG on their shirt?

2. LOTDK Cyborg Batman- Never bought him before.  I like him.  Like the eye that lights up.  I gotta have Ray do a cape for him and he will be all set.

3. BTAS Batman with bobbing head-  I almost want to call him sad Batman.  His head goes up and down.  Never even seen this guy before.  I guess he was done in 1997.  He needs a cape too.
4. Jurassic World Veliciraptor.  Wow.  These figures suck in comparison to the Jurassic Park figures 20 years before.  He is static.  Only his arms move.  I am going to have Ray customize him as well.
5. Mcdonalds BeastMan-  I think he was from Mickey D´s.  Or Burger King.  He is great.  Multi articulation, 3.75 inch size.  I think I will have Ray make a mount on the Raptor for Beast Man to ride on.

Very happy with my purchases.  I just love the flea market.  You never know what you will find.


  1. Nice haul. A beast Man/Batman brawl Is imminent!

  2. Ah I think that Dick Grayson is the one that has the costume that snaps onto him and makes a fat looking Robin.