Sunday, September 25, 2016

RANDOM PULGAS OUTING beastman batmen

So Wifey and I decided to take off on Sunday.  A random trip to the flea market.  I came away with some pretty good stuff for $7!  I never had any of these figures before mind you.

1. BTAS Dick Grayson- I thought it was so stupid to show make these figures like this.  I will be customizing for how he looked in the show.  What kind of dork has the initials DG on their shirt?

2. LOTDK Cyborg Batman- Never bought him before.  I like him.  Like the eye that lights up.  I gotta have Ray do a cape for him and he will be all set.

3. BTAS Batman with bobbing head-  I almost want to call him sad Batman.  His head goes up and down.  Never even seen this guy before.  I guess he was done in 1997.  He needs a cape too.
4. Jurassic World Veliciraptor.  Wow.  These figures suck in comparison to the Jurassic Park figures 20 years before.  He is static.  Only his arms move.  I am going to have Ray customize him as well.
5. Mcdonalds BeastMan-  I think he was from Mickey D´s.  Or Burger King.  He is great.  Multi articulation, 3.75 inch size.  I think I will have Ray make a mount on the Raptor for Beast Man to ride on.

Very happy with my purchases.  I just love the flea market.  You never know what you will find.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Going to Arteaga on Sunday´s is not just a good day to get figures but to have fun too.
Pony rides!  We never do it but that may change in the future.
Wifey poses with a few.
We love the sunny days of Arteaga!  Look at that sky!
My turn!  In the bag is the Heman figures I picked up from a couple of blog posts back.
Look at those mountains back there!  That is something I never saw in Georgia
Honey..I think your pony is a little hoarse...See what I did there?  HAHA  Yeah it is an old joke I stole from Top Secret the movie.
The square from Arteaga.  I love this area of Coahuila.
They even have a little creek below.
The handsome couple!
Can we come again to get more toys?
Strolled into the Arteaga church for the first time.
Outside said structure.
Storm clouds coming!  A great place to live.
Very curious to see what is down that road.
Saw a little dog sleeping near the water.
So awesome that stream is.

All in all one of the best days ever to be there.  I got lots of great figures!  Saw god´s green earth.  Couldn´t be better.
 Found more water on the way to Arteaga!  wow.  For sale too!
 Just lush and green.
 Even some cows walking in the middle of the road!
 Cows!  Yeah I never saw that stuff in the big city of Atlanta.
 Even a black horse which I named....
The Black Stallion!  From the 1979 movie of my youth!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


I found this Mego at the pulgas a few years ago.  Never had many Mego as a kid.  Just the superheroes.  But knew who it was.  He was missing his shoe and cross.

Decided to have Ray restore him.

Whaddya think?  I can now put him on a shelf with the Remego Star Trek figures I have.

Best of all?  It doesn´t have a catblasted Plaid Stallions logo on it!  I swear that assclown plasts his name over every pic he takes!  Especially if it is Mego.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


One of my favorite times in comics as a kid was in the eighties.  Especially when the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe came out.   It was so cool seeing all these characters I didn´t know etc.
One of them was Titanium man, an ironman foe.  To this day I have never picked up an issue with him in it.  However I did see him once.  We did get the 1966 Marvel Superheroes cartoon and he fought Iron Man once in this armor.  But I had the Toybiz 1996 figure....and thought I would make my own since I have not found that figure yet down here.
 I took an old Jakks Carlito DA figure and had Ray make this guy.  His size is impressive.  I always figured Titanium man to be huge.
 Uh oh!  He has Shellhead in his grasp!  What will befall our gallant hero?
Ironman shot him in the crotch!  No really the thing just ripped as I was trying to spread his legs.  Ray will have to revisit this guy!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


I had Ray restore some crucial figures I had found at the flea market.
 The Toybiz Omega red were missing his Carbondium coils  So I had ray make some new ones.
 He is ready to attack a Toybiz Wolverine if I ever find one.
Had him make a customized Ax for my custom Whiplash...I gotta come up with a new name for this guy now.  How about Sapo?

 Terrax also gets an Ax.  Almost looks like the original.
 The Toybiz Wonder Man was made from a Toybiz I had ray fill in the back.  He used to have holes in his back from the wings.
 Ray made Kobra Khan´s gun...Looks amazing!
Also had him add teeth like the new MOTUC one.  He is ready to rock n roll now.
 A customized gun for the Toybiz Kane figure..
Ray was a little off on this one..I had him make some claws for the Secret Wars Wolverine.  They are a little too long and bulky....oh well...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Found these Batman animated mondo type posters that were so cool I just had to share.  The show was huge for me.  I was in college and would go to dinner late every night just to see the 5 pm showing of the new episodes back in 1992

These posters perfectly capture the episode they are based on.  So frickin awesome.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


These were aching to be done.  Had Ray whip out the paints and the creativity!
 The TNA Toybiz Scott Steiner!  He will now finally be a major player in my fed.
 Had Ray make Steiner´s chainmail thingie for his head.  Looks damn good.
 Also painted him up the way Steiner wears his pants.  So cool!
 The Toybiz WCW Scott Hall into Razer Ramon!
 Say hello to the badguy!
Finally had Ray make some custom blades for the naked Asaii Ventress figure I found at the pulgas.  Now she is complete!