Sunday, August 28, 2016


I know the title is a little strange.  These are mostly figures I had forgot about or just discovered that I think would make playtime exciting.  Numbered 1 to 10 as number 1 is the most one I want right now.  That taste may change next week.  Who knows?  But here it is now.

1. 12 inch Gi Joe Sand Scorpion!  I saw this figure and want it bad.  I can just imagine the pics I can get of him vs. my custom Avengers Goliath.  It would be awesome.

2.  These power rangers villians.  Normally I hate power rangers but I think these villians could be good MU Avengers foes or indeed Batman animated etc.

3. Creatureplicas Yeti.  Now I know I already made a Snow Giant with my Big John Studd LJN figure, but these would fight the MU Avengers like no one could.  Look at them!  They probably cost an arm and a leg so I can probably rule them out for my lifetime.
4. Disney Hercules ICE figure-  Wow.  He looks amazing.  I can see Thor trekking through the snow covered mountains and accidently running into this monster.  It would be an epic battle.

5. Hasbro or Kenner Death Star Droid 12 inch-  Never been into 12 inch figures...But I can just envision about 4 of these guys that the Avengers have to fight.  They could be doombots or something.  Just cool as heck.

6. Mcfarlane the Horrid- Could you imagine 4 of these guys attacking the MU Xmen?  Would be so cool.  Because building is only 4.  Anymore and you are an asshole hoarder.
Like the guy above that has all these Sentinels.  MAJOR asshole hoarder, greedy piece of shit.  There is no way to play with all of these.  That is why 4 is the perfect number.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, number 7....
7. 2002 MOTU Roboto-  You could customize them a little bit and put a Cobra insignia on them ...Instant Giant B.A.T.S.  That would be a foursome army to deal with.
8. Papo Werewolf-  Having 4 surround your party would be frickin awesome!
9. Safari Desert dragon-  Awesome.  I imagine burying them in the sand and come up to attack our weary desert troopers.  A complete surprise attack.  I see Roadblock unloading his heavy machine gun in panic.
10. Tomb Raider life shadow-  Whoa!  These things are scary!  Never saw most of these in the stores due to being down here for 10 years now but hey....I think they would make great MU Dr. Strange villains.


  1. My Ice Titan broke right out of the pack unfortunately.The Yeti is awesome, Im going to post pictures of it the bigfoot and the Rougarou someday. The Papo Werewolf is a strange size once you have it in hand.

  2. The 3 3/4 Sand Scorpions look pretty cool ,too,Matt.That Yeti Is pretty awesome.The McFarlane Horrid reminds me of the Brood.

    1. Oh I just want the 12 inch version to battle my Goliath. HAHA

  3. Some interesting items I didn't know about. I like that yeti and Ice figure from Hercules

  4. That Disney Hercules ICE figure is very cool.

    We own one of those HUGE Sentinel figure. It is awesome.