Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I was just saying after doing the staff for Twitch of Toy Story and I wanted more Heman figures.  Well Santa was at the pulgas today and I got some.
 I paid about $3 for each one.  I figure it was quite a steal.  They would have been more on Ebay with shipping!  LOVE having some of this line back again.  Never owned Stinkor before but had all the others.  Kobra Khan, Stinkor, Triclops, MerMan, Webstor, and Clawful.
Also I got the heroic warriors. RamMan, Mechanek, Stratos, and Buzzoff.

Of course I will have Ray do a complete restoration on them one day.  I feel much better about Mexico.  I can really see me getting my old collection back down here.

Remember when the AWA Remco guys I found attacked MOTU Whiplash?

Well the new MOTU did a counter strike to help Whiplash-one of their own.
 The evil warriors corner the AWA Remco guys and a historic beatdown occurs!
 Triclops and Merman take out Ric Flair!
 Stinkor and Khan slap the beejesus out of one of the Longriders!  Absolute chaos!
Clawful and Webstor strike down the other two...Zybysco will be feeling that in the morning!

I cannot tell you how happy I am.  My Heman collection was SO small!  Now it has grown in size.  Who knows what else I will find at the pulgas as the days go by!


Around the 10 minute mark.  Did I HEAR that correctly?  They want to do characters that were never made in this style again after 30 years?  Someone is pulling my leg.  So my want of collecting them got even more intense.  GIDDY UP!


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    1. Hope to find more down here one day. Cannot wait for Ray to restore these as well.