Monday, August 8, 2016


I just didn´t like the original MOTU Whiplash.  The number one reason was his tail was TOO short!  He couldn´t hit anyone with it!
So not too long ago I found a whiplash without his tail.  Some kid had ripped it off.  So instead of having Ray make a new one...I decided to change this toy.  I hope one day to find one with a complete tail.
So I typed up Dragon Man on Google.  This guy came up.  I figured why not?
Whiplash got a beating under the AWA Remco guys earlier in the year.  He had a life altering experience from it.
 He changed!  Yeah I had Ray repaint him...Throw on some shoulder pads.

I think it came out ok.  I probably should have gone with a complete restoration though.  

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