Thursday, August 4, 2016


I loved the Batman movies when they came out.  I had most of the variant Batman figures.  It always bothered me that they always gave the kenner Batman figures a black cape.  It had nothing to do with their wonky variant.

Well I found 3 figures down here and decided to have Ray customize them.
 First one is a Val Kilmer Batman forever figure.  I had Ray do the exact color cape on him.  I LOVE IT!  So frickin cool.  I hope to find other Kenner variants down here.
 Second is the Chartruse Bat!  Oh yeah.  Same color too.
 This third is probably my favorite of the three.  Look at that.

Ray even did the back of it.  So psyched to customize these.  My whole plan is to do a Jackyl-Clone Saga storyline except with Batman-Bruce Wayne.

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