Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Ray repainted some of my stuff.  Let´s see what happened...
 Mike Awesome at one time had red shorts.  Had Ray painted them.  He looks great.  I had too many black shorted figures already.  I.E. Stone cold, Goldberg etc.
Marcus Alexander Bagwell when he was in the tag team Stars and Stripes with the Patriot.  He looks awesome!
 Repainted Toybiz Kevin Nash as Diesel.  Diesel was my favorite of his incarnations.
WCW´s Wrath as Adam Bomb his previous WWE incarnation.  I liked him alot.  But then he left so quickly.
 Chris Jericho in his blue outfit!  It is normally a dull brown.
 oh yes!  Jericho rules.
Kanyon as Mortis his previous gimmick.
Ray custom made the mask and repainted Rey Mysterio JR.  He looks great.

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