Thursday, July 7, 2016


It was so cool! A couple actually got married at my restaurant!
This was the bride.  Doesn´t she look radiant?
 I gotta tell ya...I LOVE the Mexican culture of family.  My own American family are terrible people.  These are good people.
 This is the groom.  He was really into it.
 My wifey didn´t get to where a white dress when we got married.  We did it so fast.  But hey, 10 years later and we are still going strong!
We had a little white archway built for them to get married under.  The archway was built by Ray.  That guy is super creative!  I hope I have his friendship for life.
We even got to take a ton of cake home AND a cactus!  I worked as a waiter in Atlanta.  Did many barmitzvas.  NEVER did the jewish people give the waiters anything.  Every party we have done here the people always give the waiters etc. cake.  I love Mexico.

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  1. Hey guys! Nice to see there was a wedding there! I love monster cafe and hope to visit you guys soon, i want to build something like that archway! Does Ray has any contact number? Thank you!!