Saturday, July 9, 2016


I won a lot off of Ebay 8 years ago.  A famous covers lot.  However none of them had their weapons.  So I had Ray finally remedy that.
 First up we have Gambit.  Needed to add his staff.  Ray did a very awesome job with this.  It is simple as heck.  But looks great.  Looks like it could ratchet down into a little bitty staff.
 Next up is Thor´s hammer.  It is a LITTLE bit big but I do not mind that.  Bigger is better.  Ray even added a little leather strap at the bottom.  The guy is so detailed!
Hawkeye´s bow and arrows are totally custom done.  love that he even put the explosive arrow on the tip.  The other arrows in his quiver and merely show pieces to look like he has some.
 Captain America´s Shield!  Ray did a great job on this one.
HE even did straps so Cap could carry it on his back.  The shield is made of solid steel.  I think a welder had to do it.  It is awesome though.

Ray also fixed a problem with the Famous Covers Ironman but it is so small I didn´t bother to photgraph it.

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