Thursday, July 21, 2016


I found the Batmobile from the cartoon The Batman at the pulgas.
What is with all those idiotic looking buttons on the top?  That part doesn´t look like no Batmobile.  Since I only saw two seasons of the show I must have missed the explanation.  Well to say I don´t like it would be an understatement.
So I found this on the net.  I think that big batman symbol could cover those ugly buttons.

So I had Ray go to work.
 Had him add the Batman stickers on it.  There was a miscommunication and he delivered it all black.  Eh, that is ok.  I prefer the metallic seventies blue but this will do.
 Best thing?  NO UGLY BUTTONS ON TOP!  Yeah!
Now Batman is ready to patrol the streets of Gothom in his custom Batmobile.

No one comments anymore.  I think the blog has gone the way of the dodo.  Oh well.  I don´t know how to do instagram where it seems like everyone is going.  I guess I will have one of the last blogs in existence.


  1. Blasted instagram ! I would try it if it worked on computers but its a cellphone only thing and I absolutely will never give into having a cellphone.

    1. I didn´t know it was a cellphone only thing. I do not have one either nor never will. I hate cellphones. I am not important enough to have people call me so much.

  2. When you get to the bare bones of it all,cell phones weren't made for the betterment of humanity.They were created more so for the betterment of mass surveillance.I think there should be a camera ,just a camera with WiFi capability that allows you to take advantage of all the photo themed apps and what not.What is the importance if having a camera on a phone anyways.