Wednesday, June 1, 2016


So yeah...Ray has been repainting some things for me.  Love them!

1. Lex Luger in america pajamas...I love this look.  He used to wear this on the Lex Express.  Ray repainted a boring dull Toybiz Lex that had black pants into this.
 2. Lex Luger USA ring gear.  Another boring Toybiz in black Luger.  The USA gimmick  he did for the WWF IMO was the only thing that ever helped him get noticed.
3. HHH-a boring black panted HHH now has blue in it.  It spices it up a little for me.
 4. Marvel Universe 3.75 purple magneto- The NORMAL red Magneto didn´t make it down here to Mexico.  So when I found this purple one I bought him so I could have a Mags.  But it always bothered me.  The purple is from his ultimates look.  I don´t read Ultimates, I don´t want to know anything about them etc.  So I had Ray repaint him to my familiar Magneto.  Much better no?
 5. Marvel Universe 3.75 black and grey Deadpool-  Never read those black and white books and not going to start.  So since Mexico never got a regular Deadpool down here I had Ray repaint this guy.  He looks like he should now.  I am probably one of the few that ACTUALLY read the Deadpool miniseries in the nineties.  Now everyone suddenly loves him.  Buncha Johnny come latelys.
 6. Marvel Universe 3.75 black and grey Warpath-  Yeah same reasons as above.  I hope Hasblow releases the rest of the original Xforce.  I really hate modern Marvel now.  Ever since the year 2000 quite frankly.
7. Tony Toybreak´s 3.75 Batman- Saving the best for seventh.  Tony was so kind to send me this Batman.  So since I don´t go for that modern stuff...Had to repaint it so it could be MY Batman.  The seventies look is the definite look for me.  None of this black costume crap.
 This heroclix is how I want my wasp.  None of the modern black crap.
 8. Marvel Universe 3.75 black wasp- I want the wasp red and colorful.  Everyone is black at modern Marvel.  Heck just look at the new Captain America....Now this gal is great looking.  Just like from the early eighties.
 9. Diamond Select black and white Wolfman- This NOW is a work of art.
 Ray colored the base up.  Made it look natural.  Added some plastic flowers.
 But the most impressive is that plaid shirt!  That is hand painted mind you!  The original was boring black and grey!
Can´t wait to see what we do next!


  1. Not to disparage his work but seeing that you paid him to do these I would take that Magneto and Deadpool back and have him cover up all the spots where the original color is showing through. The Magneto especially is very sloppy and almost looks like it was done with a sharpie marker. With the Marvel universe the heads come right off with easy and then the cape would fall right off so he can hit a lot of the spots he missed with easy.

    1. Gotcha. I didn´t notice till I took pics of it.