Saturday, June 25, 2016

SALTILLO MUSEO DEL DESIERTO PART 1 DINOSAURS! wifey surprised me by taking us to the Museum of the Desert the other day.  This will probably  be in three parts mind you.
 The tour starts in the begining of creation.  The painting behind me was SO tranquil.
 We are walking down a winding staircase to get to where the dinosaurs are next.
 A compy!  These were the little guys in Jurassic Park the lost world.  I read the book.  It also said that when they bite you it released a toxin that made the victim feel so good.  So he didn´t mind being eaten.  yuck.
 A huge laboratory is where the magic all happens.
 A Dimitridon!  I hope I am saying that right.  I wish I had the Kenner JP figure of this.
I wouldn´t want to meet up with this cat in a dark alley.
A big Trex towers over me!

 Some kind of ostrich dino...
 This one is huge!  Imagine if they were around today...
 This one is kinda dopey looking.  Probably a veggiesaur.  A veggiesaur Lex!
That T-rex is a modern day Croc.  He could have eaten me with one bite.
This was laying on it´s side.  

Hope you enjoyed part one.