Thursday, June 23, 2016


So I have a friend named Enrique that seems to be in the DVD business.  So he has seen my list I have posted here and has brought some...Awesome sauce!
 Biloxi Blues!  Love this film!  Primarily because I was in the play of it.  I played Christopher Walken´s part.  Did a BLATANT imitation of him too.
 Young Guns part one!  WOOOOOO!  I understand Tom Cruise was cut from this movie.  Interesting.
 Fantasia, Pinocchio, and the Rescuers!  WOW!  What a haul!  I dropped LSD once while watching Fantasia.  yeah I am a little messed up.  But hey that was decades ago.
The Lion King and Aladdin!  Yippee!

So my Disney collection is complete ....well almost.  I still want Ichabod Crane.

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