Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yes we are on part 3...the stuffed animals section!  This is the last part by the way.  I accidently deleted all of the live animal parts.  
Look at that mastadon!  Trying not to get too close!
But that one over there is REALLY cool.
Very scary and big.  Wish they were still around.
I think this was a huge sloth.  No, I am not talking about me...
Watch out honey!  That bear wants some of you!
Just sitting around like sitting...bull.
Love the lion section.  But what really caught my eye was this Alligator!  I wish I could have an alligator pit.
Ducks getting cosy...
Hey buddy!  Want a job at Monster Cafe!  You would fit right in.
I´ll catch ya on the rebound sly.
Look at this size of this Manbat!  Paging Dr. Langstrom!
Bats galore!
There wifey is praying to the vanilla and chocolate bears again.
Giraffes!  Stage left!
These rams sure are horny!
Wifey seemed right at home with the polar bears.
However in the polar region it was just too cold for me.
Run!  I have awakened the penguin´s playmates!
Don´t climb that wifey!  You don´t know where its been!
This was pretty cool.  For some reason I like to see animals eat other animals.  That is why I love my Elvira the tarantula!
Wifey getting it on with a fellow jaguar.  Same personalities....


  1. I´m loving the captions! (Really--you deleted the live animals? Can´t lie--I´m sad I won´t be reading those captions.)

    If you ever want to post anything to, that would be awesome. In fact, could I link these posts to the Desert Museum post that´s already there?

    1. Absolutely! Us Saltinenses have to help each other out.