Sunday, June 5, 2016


I have no idea what this is really called.  I found it down here in the pulgas.  But it works GREAT with the 3.75 inch line!
 Oh yeah!  I have always wanted a Joker hideout!  I even created my own when I was 10.  I took a cardboard box and glued playing cards in it.  Yeah it sucked but it provided hours of play.    Looking at it the clown looks like a kiddie type of thing.  Maybe I should have Ray repaint it to be a scary clown?
 This is Tony Toybreak´s Batman.  It is an awesome repaint by Ray.
 Batman climbs up looking for the Joker!
He doesn´t see the clown prince of crime behind him!

Whammo!  The trap springs and Batman finds himself the prisoner of the Joker!  Oh no!

As a side point I HATE imaginext figures.  They look stupid and quite frankly, for girls.  Something a modern day soyboy would like.  Someone with no background for comics that likes toys for boys to closely resemble girls toys.


  1. I almost picked up an imaginext playset for my birthday.They are alot of fun with many working parts.Love the repaint ;)

  2. We got one when they were first released... and was lucky enough to receive the newer one as well...
    Never thought of displaying larger figures upon it... Cool!
    Hello from Marshville...

  3. Ha thats cool! Iv picked up a few of these from thrift stores and never thought about using it for a real action figure.It reminds me of the Jokers hideout from that old episode of scooby doo.