Monday, June 20, 2016


Yeah I have been in the weird area of Youtube lately.  I saw all of the Ted Bundy videos.  The famous serial killer.  Probably the most popular for sure.  Wow.  Dude was cold and calculating.  Then the bar across the street has an associate that has a tan Beetle....So naturally...had to take some pics.

 There it is.  The Beetle of death.
 Bundy used to take out the passenger seat so he could put his victims down low so no one would see them after he hit their head with a tireiron to knock them out.
 He wore a fake cast in a sling to get the women to think he was not much of a threat.  Here I am doing the sling pose...
He would even carry books sometimes and drop them.  when the female bent over to help him he would hit them with the iron.  Here I am offering a ride.  HAHA

His name STILL comes up even in our modern day.  There was a woman that came out last year that got away from him but said nothing till now.  It was quite an ordeal she went through.

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