Saturday, May 28, 2016


So a year ago or so I was in Texas.  I saw this modern Star Wars box with these killer looking droids from the Clone Wars show.
I bought it.  NOT for Star Wars necessarily but for the robots.  I wanted some to battle the Xmen or Avengers.  Turns out though the owner of the little toy store there used to put this box in the window to attract customers or something.  When I took the toys out of the box one of the robots was so sun drenched that he collapsed in about 8 pieces in my hand.  The other robot was fine.  I was a little upset so I threw them in a box and forgot about them.

Flash forward a month ago.  Looking in that box I found the broke one again.  I decided to have Ray fix him up.
 He had to freeze the limbs in place....Unfortunatly it made the robot unable to stand on it´s own.
 So Ray made a see through column so it appears the robot is hovering or flying.
 He and his robot compatriote are attacking the Gi Joe Personal carrier!  Oh no!
 One is ripping the roof off!  Oh man those joes are going to be carved up!
I love how he did this.  A toy in my hands will never be wasted.


  1. That's pretty cool.They make perfect all purpose killer robots!

    1. Yes they do! Be great for the Xmen´s Danger room too! How is your toy forum going? I know those can be difficult to keep members etc. I have been lazy myself about posting.

  2. I love the robots from that set! It was a fun episode of the show.