Sunday, May 15, 2016


Yeah so the cable that uploads my pics to my computer crapped out on me.  Not working.  Gotta buy a new one.  So I haven´t stopped blogging it is just I cannot upload anything.  Hopefully get one of these things tomorrow.

Got alot of repaintings to show off.

Finally got in touch with Señor Cruz again.  He made all our metal work for the cafe.  He is going to fix our elevator etc.

BUT I am going to have him do a knight suit of armor in the future.  That will look badass in the cafe.

I still read everyone´s blogs and try to comment.  Real life intrudes sometimes doesn´t it?

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  1. Yes It does,Hobby.If your camera comes with an sd card and you have an sd port on your cpu than you don't need a cable.You probably knew that already.