Friday, April 15, 2016


And I mean that seriously.  I have found some ok things down here in Mexico.  But NOTHING like this.  That is why I call this the haul of hauls.  Are you with me?  I mean....This was a flea market in MEXICO!  I was shocked.  Wifey and I went to the pulgas one Sunday.  I did not expect to find too much.  Maybe 2 or 3 figures on my list as per usual.  So I picked up a GI JOE figure for Ray to do a custom with and I saw this out of the corner of my eye...
Um...I usually never cuss but holy crap!  The 1980 Darth Vadar carrying case I had as a kid!!!  Really?  I would expect to find this in the U.S. at a comic show but not out in a parking lot in the hot sun in frickin Saltillo.  I put the Gi joe figure down and asked how much this was.  25$ American dollars.  Without hesitation I told my wife to get out the pesos.
Wait....The case actually had 20 vintage Star Wars figures in it!  What is that?  An original Yoda WITH snake!  I was bowled over.
It even had their guns in the side pocket!  OMG!

I had this in 1980.  I never thought I would own this again.  Honestly.  It was something that was not even on my radar.  The figures yes, the playsets definitly.  But the case?  Not in a million years.  I filled it with some of the figures I got last year to make it fuller looking.

I am so happy to have this by accident.  So happy.  I wonder what other treasures are out there that I do not have to pay exorbate prices on ebay for.  Can I get my entire childhood back?

Now if I could just find a GI JOE carrying case full of figures...and a Heman...and a Sectaurs etc.  haha


  1. Wow, that's an epic find! Congrats!

  2. now thats a score! All I ever see these days are the crappy looking 90's versions.

  3. Yes! All your dreams can come true. Congrats on the great find. With weapons, that's insane.

    1. If I could find the playsets that I had as a kid, I would gush over myself totally.

  4. The fact that Yoda still has his snake and clothes is even more amazing!