Sunday, April 17, 2016


Not sure about the rest of you but I loved the Onslaught storyline in the Xmen in 1996.  Turning Professor X bad was just cool.  The whole thing.  With him recruiting Post, and Holocaust etc.

I wish I had never sold my comics of it.  One day I will get them again.

 So thrilled to have this figure back again.  I had them all in the nineties.  But when my father died I sold everything.  I was in mourning.  I found this in a lot of action figures on Ebay.
Posing him in front of the fire just seemed so cool.  I really wish Toybiz had continued.  They stopped making Marvel figures around 1998 if my memory is right.  Just think what we could have had!

The next Xmen storyline was operation zero tolerance.  We could have had Bastian and a better Sentinel army.  It could have been awesome.


  1. One of my favorite Marvel figures (like the "tormented dr. visible on "bubble" on its back")
    let me talk to my Dad, Need to speak to him ( I have no money for postage) So sorry for taking so very long ... even Jango is still sitting where I sat it aside for you (heavy coating of dust now)... you con get the Address info to him .
    wishing a great week to you and yours.
    Hello from Marshville..

  2. Dang was it really 1998 they stopped making these? I remember seeing them in the bins at KB toys till like 2005.

    1. Little did we know that this Onslaught figure would be worth $50 today! I would have picked up several.

  3. I don't know much about his story arc.I stopped reading X-Men comics right when Magneto went to Asteroid M with Fabian Cortez and yada,yada,yada.It got kinda crazy after that.