Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So I got these a few years ago from the comic book shop in Laredo.  I love the black and white movies yet however hate black and white figures!

So Ray went to work...
 These are glorified statues anyways.  They only move their arms.  So I glued them in place.
 Ray added that resin for that wet look.  I love it!

Added some wood and plastic flowers for the base.  So awesome now!

Much better than the black and white no?

I will do the other two at another time.


  1. oh that looks way better , never been a fan of the black and white myself either.The bw looks ok on the mummy but bland on the others.

    1. Love the movies...but for figures? Nah...

  2. Hello,
    The cafe continues to look incredible. If only it was easier for someone in the states to patronize the place. I don't know if you recall but about 3 years ago I sent you an Invisible Man action figure from the Diamond Select Series, and you said that when you got the chance you would send me your series one and two SLUG zombies. I don't know if that's still a possibility, but if you could still manage to pass those along I would really appreciate it.
    I hope all is going well, and let me know.

    1. Yes you did. I thank you still. Things have taken a bad turn for me. Business dropped off by 50% for all of 2015 and including this year till today. Forgive me. I still have your email with your address. As soon as I hope it picks up I am going to send you series one and two. And more. We don´t even have enough money to visit the states anymore to send out a package. Something is coming to me in November and by then I will send it out. I am so sorry.

    2. Hey, no problem. Just let me know via email. Also, my address has likely changed so make sure you check with me before you send anything out.
      I'm sorry to hear about the business slow-down, but with a restaurant that looks as sweet as yours, its gotta rebound soon.
      Take Care.

    3. Still got my email? Por favor send me your new address.

  3. I don't think I ever go your email address because we communicated mainly through your facebook page. In fact, I just sent you a message on that page regarding the address, so let me know if you don't get it.