Saturday, March 12, 2016


Yeah I am a fast food junkie.  Even in my early forties.  So without more....the top 10 fast food places that Saltillo needs to get!
1. Baskin Robbins-  I rated this number one because I worked there in high school.  31 flavors!  Oh man do I miss the ice cream there.  Yeah Saltillo has that BLAND Helado Sultana place...But oh boy, it is not fantastic ice cream.  More like frozen medicine.  Yes they have ice cream that is healthy for you!  yuck!  I miss pink bubblegum flavor, Kalhua, mint chocolate chip etc.

2. Taco Bell- Yeah this came in at number two for me.  I LOVE Taco Bell in the states..Most Mexicans hate it though.  They call it the Gringo version.  But hey, it is what I was raised on.  I miss the Beef Meximelts etc.  The combo meals.  And oh the fruit punch!

3. Wendy´s-  I am not a huge fan of Wendy´s but I am listing it here for one reason.  Saltillo used to have a wendy´s but it went out of business.  It needs to come back in a bad way!  They always had the best burgers.  Well, next to Monster Cafe of course.
4. Arby´s-  I SO miss the roast beef sandwiches and potato cakes.  I mean just look at them.
The potato cakes of Arby´s are legendary.  Full of grease.  They were so good.  Like drops of heaven in your mouth.
5. Dunkin Donuts-  All kinds of donuts one could want.  Blueberry, even carrot donuts I think I remember.
6. Krispy Kreme donuts-  Yup, I just went there.  There is a Krispy Kreme in Laredo Texas and wifey and I always grab two dozen before returning to Mexico.  We need one here.
7. Chick fila-  What can you say about the best chicken sandwich ever?  With the little pickles and WAFFLE fries!  This would be a hit in Saltillo.  There are so many chicken places here already.  Pollo Loco, pollo feliz etc.  How about one more?

8. Long John Silvers-  Awesome greasy fish place.  We gotta get this here.  There are not that many fish places around.

9. Sbarro- Awesome italian fast food.  I love Olive Garden more but Sbarro was always in the malls in America.  Great lasagna!

10. Schlotzkys deli- Dad and I used to get the best pizzas and subs here.


  1. Last Spring I teased my kids with a huge Arby´s craving I had. (Hey guys--let´s drive all the way to Laredo to go to ARBY´s for lunch!) But honestly, some days that sounds like a great idea. ;)

    And Baskin-Robbins--my high school job, too! The best ice cream cakes. . .