Sunday, March 20, 2016


Remember that broken lot of toys I won a few months ago?  Well there was an Avenger´s Hulk in there with no head!

He is on the right head.  If I were living in the states I probably would have thrown him in the trash but since being in Mexico I have found I can fix em.  No toy should be thrown away.  I can have them fixed!  Send me your broken toys folks.
The first time I was introduced to Mr. Hyde was the last page of Amazing spiderman 231.  I thought he was awesome looking.  And he wanted to kill the Cobra so badly.  I tracked down other issues with him that I found from the official marvel universe handbook etc.  Issue 232 was the first issue I ever got in the mail.  Spiderman and Mr.Hyde´s first encounter.

So I used an old HHH head and Ray went to work....
 Wow.  He looks great.  Just like he did in the comics!
 I was so jazzed a few years later when Hyde joined the fourth incarnation of the Masters of Evil.  He was savage.  He beat Jarvis half to death!  Not to mention the gangup on Hercules!

He looks fantastic and a welcome addition to my Masters of Evil.  Yeah I am missing alot.  Oh well.  These are the only ones that hit Mexico.  I hope Tiger Shark and Radioactive Man will be released in the regular line one day.  I am going to fix my evil Goliath figure too one day.  I hope they will also release the wrecking crew on individual cards too.


  1. Not too shabby.I forgot about this guy.He'd make a great MU figure.

    1. YEah he would. But I am sticking with mine.

  2. Replies
    1. As do I! I fell in love with the third incarnation though.