Thursday, March 24, 2016


Mojo is a character I have not liked too much.  He was from an alterate universe or something.  He was just a gameshow host kinda guy etc.  I read a few comics with him in it.
Xmen 10 was the one I had.  I was not into Uncanny at the time.

 So when I received him in a broken toy lot I did want to fix him up.  I rewatched the xmen animated series.  I guess he is not so bad.
No legs on him and no thing on his back.  This was a barebones MOJO.  He was even missing his tail thingie on the end...
 WHOA!  This is the best of the bunch!  Mojo looks fantastic now.
 Ray built a little black base that Mojo could support his weight on without giving undue stress to the legs.
I gotta get the MU longshot now.


  1. Wow, he turned out great. I seem messed up samples of him a lot at the flea market. Maybe I'll have to pick one up and try to fix him up.