Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It is few and far between I get to visit Arteaga on a Sunday.  But we decided to close and go.
1. A slightly used copy in ENGLISH of Where the wild things are!  Can you believe it?  Finding a book in English in Mexico is like discovering plutonium!  Best of all it was only a dollar!  Or twenty pesos...AND it was on my list!  I have around 300 books I want to get and this one was one of them.
2. The 1983 Imperial two headed dragon!  Now I admit I did not have this as a kid.  But I see several bloggers owning it.  I figured why not.  I know that is not usually the case with me.  I like to only buy things I had as a kid.  But it just called out to me.
 3. The Batman´s Mr. Freeze.  Now I never really watched this show.  I have season one and two on DVD I found down here REALLY cheaply.  Remember I am starving for the 5 inch Batman animated series figures so yeah, I am stoked to have this one.  I do not think I will use him as Mr. Freeze however.  I will use him as another ice powered villain.  Coldsnap or something like that.  When I get a real Batman animated series Mr. Freeze then he will be the real deal.
4. Daniel Bryan- Wrestling figures down here are few and far between.  So glad to get a basic version of him.

5. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah I found a fifth figure down here but this one will be a secret for a few months until I can repair him.  It is a figure I NEVER wanted but after viewing more blogs and saw the love of these figures I decided to get him.  Turns out he does hold some nostalgia for me.  I was surprised at this and I want to do a good job in his refurbishing.  It requires my sewing gal so it will be awhile before I take him to her.

And that is it.  The pulgas down here just keep getting better and better.  Who knows what I will come away with next time.  I just wish the cafe was closed on Sundays so I could go every week.