Monday, February 29, 2016


Well since I have hardly any cash due to the winter killing my business....I gotta repaint instead of do new projects.

Here we go.  The first time I had the MOTU tiger was in Mattel´s 1979 Tarzan line.  But those tigers are HUGE money now so.........
 I painted a Battlecat I found at the pulgas to look like it.  It is the same mold so why not.  Ray did a great job.
It looks spectacular!  Love this.  I am sure I will find more naked Battlecats in the future.
 I took my boring old regular faced Jeff Hardy and had Ray paint this awesome style to him.  It really brightens up the figure.
 Now he could be a world title contender!
 Same with my ECW Lance Storm.  He was a boring old green color.  I had Ray paint these colors instead.
 Really freshens up what was once a dead figure to me.
 They sell these little ape like guys down here.  Cheap knockoff ones.  Worshippers of Kong or something.  I had Ray bring out a faded paint color.  He looks much better now.
 I also recently scored a 3.75 inch Joker with orange colors.  Tony at Toy Break also got him.  I hated the orange.  He looks much better now.  I probably should still do something about the eyes.
Speaking of eyes I decided to paint black areas around the Toybiz Magneto figure.  It makes him look all the more sinister.

I also had Ray repaint some wrestling figures that had lost their paint.  Since it was not new paint but rather touchups I didn´t bother to photograph them.

I want to do a few more here and there.


  1. I like the Battle Cat, Joker, and Magneto repaints a lot.

  2. That Ape guy is awesome.You need an army of those guys!