Thursday, February 18, 2016


YES!  It is true.  We finally have Vanilla Wafers and this...
That is right folks!  We finally after years have Twinkies, KingDongs, Cupcake substitutes.  They taste just like the real thing.  I am in heaven.  Junk food heaven I tell ya!

However as good as it is...There are just a few things missing that I miss from the states.  Here are the top 10 food items I crave but cannot get in Saltillo.
1. Dinty Moore beef stew.  Dad used to make this on thin pepperidge farm bread toasted and buttered.  Oh my was it good!  Yeah I wish they had this here in Saltillo.

2. Eggnog-  We do not get eggnog down here.  Boy I miss it alot especially at Christmas time.

3. Yeo´s lychee drink-  If you have never tried this it is like a little slice of heaven in your mouth.  It is SO good.  They do get lychees down here but not the full drink like above.  I used to buy it by the case in Atlanta.

4. Mello Yello- They have most of the soft drinks down here except this one.  I remember sugarhighed out of my mind watching HBO drinking these by the can.  Oh good times.

5. Overstuffed ravioli-  There is ravioli down here but it is the kind ya gotta soak in water and cook then add your own sauce etc.  Boy I really miss the Chef Boyardee Ravioli though.  That and the above Mello Yello and I could call it a day.  

6. Smucker´s mint jelly- We get the Strawberry, peach jelly down here but not mint.  Mint Jelly is an acquired taste mind you but I used to love it as a kid.

7. Smucker´s Orange Jelly- I cannot believe I cannot find this down here in Saltillo.  You would think it would be really common to get but it is not available so far.
8. Fanta grape soda-  The best.  I loved it when the Dreadnoks from Gi Joe would have this in the comic and cartoon.  I JUST found some Fanta grape at a little tienda the other day BUT it was in a bottle.  I need the canned version.
9. Entenmann´s chocolate donuts- These are so awesome.  Even better were the milk chocolate kind that came out a few years later.  

10. Peppermint ice cream-  Oh yeah!  Another Christmas classic that I miss was this spicy concoction.  

Well that is it.  Get crackin Saltillo!  

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