Saturday, February 13, 2016


Yeah...what else was I going to do with the very cheap headless Bobby Lashley figure I found?  Had to turn him into something.  I hate seeing abandoned toys like this.  In the U.S. I probably would have thrown him in the trash...But down here Ray has opened up my mind to cool stuff.

The Growing Man has been an Avengers villain for decades.  I have already done Three Goliaths now it is time for another villain.  Not sure why he is steel colored up above but...
 This is the head Ray sculpted.  Yeah it looks a LITTLE large.  Oh well.  It is made entirely out of resin so those things are difficult to sculpt I guess.  But it turns on the ball jointed socket like a real head.
 He has already dealt with some Avengers...oh no!  Yeah I wish I had the MU kang figure for scale as the Growing man was one of his creations.
He is pretty cool for me.  Perhaps in the future I will address the head issues.  It looks like he has a pencil neck.
The fault is mine.  I think this may be the first head Ray has ever sculpted for an action figure.  I should have shown him one.  That the sculpt has the jaw coming down so it hides any pencil neckedness.  Rest assured if I ever have another headless creation to make I will help with this oversight.