Friday, December 30, 2016


I haven´t died.  Ray has just taken 2 months to do 8 things.  I think he is busy with something else.  I have lost my priority.

So...We went to the flea market recently and got good items.
1. A deluxe aggression Bret Hart!  WOW!  I thought i would never find something like this all the way in Mexico.

2. RA Melina- I normally do not buy women wrestlers but my John Morrison, and Joey Mercury needed a manager.

3. Gi joe Blowtorch and Cobra guy- 3.75 are not found here often.  I can have Ray make Blowtorch´s um torch.

4. Batman forever- I loved this Batman figure.  Owned him in 1995.  He doesn´t have a cape but Ray can fix that.

5. Toybiz Phoenix- I had all of the toybiz figures years ago.  Sold them when my father had passed.  So glad to have her back in the fold.

6. Godzilla smelly bat- i am going to try to pose him over my knockoff Mezco King Kong figure.

7- Ertl Smokey and the Bandit car- SO surprised to find this gem.  Had it as a kid too.

8. Mcdonalds Twoface- I have Joker, Poisen Ivy and now this.  All I gotta do is find the Penguin car

Awesome pickups for me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This is the one I had Ray change the most.  I saw the Matty one that they did.  

Had Ray add those awesome back pinchers to the original.
So frickin cool!  Webstor is ready to inject his venom.
Oh no!  Our intrepid hero Iron man has found himself in Webstor´s lair.  Can he defeat the mighty foe?  YOU DECIDE!

This is the last of the Motu that I have.  It has been fun showcasing them.  I hope to find more one day.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Stratos was one of the first MOTU to come out.  He looked like one of motorycycle monkeys from the Wiz 1978.

Ray took the naked Stratos figure I found and sculpted the wings on him.
He looks totally boss.  Love restoring broken toys.  Thanks to Ray of course.  I sure do hope to find more MOTU down here.  It has been a blast adding them again to the old collection.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This was one of the first big hand figures from MOTU.  Fisto was second then the chinaman.  I forget his name.

He needed a new chestpiece so Ray went to work
Clawful is basically a giant crab.  Had Ray add this shell to his back.  I think he looks much more distinct now.  A true MOTU warrior.   Wish I could have even made his claws bigger but I thought it might destroy or hinder the original one.

Friday, November 25, 2016


PEEEEYEWWWW!  What is that smell?  It is none other than Stinkor from MOTU.  He had no armor either.  
Ray did a great job.  I had him do a combination of the MOTUC line and original to make the armor look better.  What is that smell though?

That is right.  I found that when mattel originally made Stinkor they molded the plastic with pacholi oil.  So I had Ray track down some and rub it in Stinkor again.  He is twice the stinky!
WHEEU!  I gotta take a bath now!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Skeletor´s second in command gets his gear back courtesy of Ray.  His chest piece and sword.  He is ready to do battle with Heman...If I ever get him.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Stick your neck out!  I got 11 Motu figures at the pulgas.  However they all had no armor.  All were naked.  So I had Ray fix that problem.
 Looks almost original!  Great stuff!
I had Ray make sure he didn´t block the mechanism that Mechaneck uses to extend.  LOVE having the MOTU collection back again.  Granted I am missing alot.  But the pulgas has paid off for me in the past.  Who knows what will be there in the future?

Thursday, November 17, 2016


So it took Ray a month.  But he delivered.  Thought I would do these 1 by 1.  First up is Merman.  Remember I bought these at the flea market with NO armor or sword.  So yeah.  I am stoked to restore these great toys once again.  

Ray did an awesome job as usual.  Merman was in the first line of Motu figures.  I remember getting a few of them at the now closed Service Merchandise store.  So glad to have some of these back.  And restored is just gravy.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

PULGAS RUN! Shin Tzu and Mad Bomber!

So Wifey and I went to the flea market last Sunday.  We are doing it once a month now which is great.  We went at 5pm and I didn´t expect to find anything.
 Dang it...He is out of focus!  This is the Ra´s substitute from Batman Begins.  Since I want the animated one as MY Ra´s...I think this guy will be Shin Tzu from some batman video game.  Leader of Chinese ninja clan or something.
Lex Luthor from Superman Returns.  But he doesn´t look like how I imagine lexy to look...So I have renamed him the Mad Bomber.  I am willing to have a better name for him if someone comes up with one though.

Like I is slim pickens at 5pm...but at least I got them.  They were on my list afterall.

The next coming posts will be about the naked MOTU I found with Ray´s fixings to em!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Since I was looking around for Ray to do more stuff...I came across some Toybiz Gambit figures I had.  I had made the Famous Covers one so why not?
 The first Gambit staff I had made was the first Gambit figure from Toy Biz.  I do not think it is the first Gambit figure ever made.  I believe Applause holds that distinction.
He is ready to pounce into action!
 This guy was my go to Gambit.  I liked him much better than the first one.

He is ready for the danger room!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


So I found this fabric that is just awesome for Halloween.  I did´nt want exactly halloween mind you.  A neutral fabric in horror with a taste of it.
 Mini black skulls all over it.

 Boy I am ready for October!
Cue monster laugh!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I figure that I would never will ever have the DC Direct knightfall Bane or the DC Classics one.  So when I discovered I had a Jakks Maximum Sweat figure without a head lying around.  I almost threw it away as I would have done had I still lived in GA.... well....Ray went to work.

 YES!  He looks great.  A bit cartoony...but the size is right.  let´s face it.  I will probably never own the DC Direct nor the Build a figure Bane figure in my lifetime.  So I had to make one.
Ray did the Venom dial and plugs in the back of his head.  So awesome.

 Since I was a huge fan of the Knightfall storyline and HOPE DC decides to do it in animation...I had to make Trogg.  He was one of Bane´s underlings.  This was a beat up Ninja Wolverine figure I had lying around.  He fits the part.  Trogg was bigger than the others.
 I also found a Power of the Force Han Solo figure.  He became Bane´s right hand man Bird.
 They look great together.  The only one I did not make is Zombie.  I figured I would just use an MU professor X figure in my play one day.
 Remember I found the Multiverse Mr. Freeze?  Well I had Ray make his gun for him.  And Ray opened up the mask and painted his face a little bluer than the white style it came with.
Found a power of the force Princess Leia.  Had Ray make her into Batman villain Nocturna.

After these it might be a month or so before I share anything that Ray can make.  He is currently making the naked MOTU figures I got into their glorious selves once again.  It will take awhile.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Looking around for Ray to complete my figures has been fun.  I had found a Peter Parker figure not too long ago.  He needed his camera...So.......
Looks fantastic.  Just a little more and I think I will be done.  Then it will be time to get more figures!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

RANDOM PULGAS OUTING beastman batmen

So Wifey and I decided to take off on Sunday.  A random trip to the flea market.  I came away with some pretty good stuff for $7!  I never had any of these figures before mind you.

1. BTAS Dick Grayson- I thought it was so stupid to show make these figures like this.  I will be customizing for how he looked in the show.  What kind of dork has the initials DG on their shirt?

2. LOTDK Cyborg Batman- Never bought him before.  I like him.  Like the eye that lights up.  I gotta have Ray do a cape for him and he will be all set.

3. BTAS Batman with bobbing head-  I almost want to call him sad Batman.  His head goes up and down.  Never even seen this guy before.  I guess he was done in 1997.  He needs a cape too.
4. Jurassic World Veliciraptor.  Wow.  These figures suck in comparison to the Jurassic Park figures 20 years before.  He is static.  Only his arms move.  I am going to have Ray customize him as well.
5. Mcdonalds BeastMan-  I think he was from Mickey D´s.  Or Burger King.  He is great.  Multi articulation, 3.75 inch size.  I think I will have Ray make a mount on the Raptor for Beast Man to ride on.

Very happy with my purchases.  I just love the flea market.  You never know what you will find.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Going to Arteaga on Sunday´s is not just a good day to get figures but to have fun too.
Pony rides!  We never do it but that may change in the future.
Wifey poses with a few.
We love the sunny days of Arteaga!  Look at that sky!
My turn!  In the bag is the Heman figures I picked up from a couple of blog posts back.
Look at those mountains back there!  That is something I never saw in Georgia
Honey..I think your pony is a little hoarse...See what I did there?  HAHA  Yeah it is an old joke I stole from Top Secret the movie.
The square from Arteaga.  I love this area of Coahuila.
They even have a little creek below.
The handsome couple!
Can we come again to get more toys?
Strolled into the Arteaga church for the first time.
Outside said structure.
Storm clouds coming!  A great place to live.
Very curious to see what is down that road.
Saw a little dog sleeping near the water.
So awesome that stream is.

All in all one of the best days ever to be there.  I got lots of great figures!  Saw god´s green earth.  Couldn´t be better.
 Found more water on the way to Arteaga!  wow.  For sale too!
 Just lush and green.
 Even some cows walking in the middle of the road!
 Cows!  Yeah I never saw that stuff in the big city of Atlanta.
 Even a black horse which I named....
The Black Stallion!  From the 1979 movie of my youth!