Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I am a child of Star Wars.  I saw it in the theater in 1977.  The original one.  I was four years old.  It captured my imagination.  I had all the toys.  When 1983 rolled around I was 11 and out of Star Wars.  ROTJ didnt really get my goose as the first two had.

In fact and I will get heat for this.  I do not believe anyone can be a real fan of Star Wars without living in a time when there was NOT Star Wars.  I am one of the originals.

I didnt want to see the Force Awakens.  I wanted to wait for the DVD as I do with most things by living here in Mexico.  Then a friend of mine of Facebook spoiled one thing.  I quickly unfollowed all of my friends who would possibly see it.

Then I told my wifey why dont we go and see it here.  IF it is playing in English.  For 25 pesos..Yup...movies are $2 down here...I saw it.  I was excited.  Only 6 people in the theater.  I wanted it to take me back to my youth.  I HAD to see it otherwise it would be spoiled for me.  Turns out my friend that spoiled it didnt really.  WheeW!

I felt...old as heck after watching it.  All of the heroes of my youth were now so frickin old.

I felt depressed after seeing it.  Not because of any characters death.  Just because it didnt transport me back as when it did when I was young.

The perils of getting old.  One day I will look as old as Han did.  As Leia did.  Certainly soon enough that Luke did.

I liked the movie well enough.  The only thing I was disappointed in was that was not an onscreen reunion of all of the originals.

Oh well...I still have my DVDs...

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  1. I enjoyed the movie, did the exact same, I went to the theater when I usually wait for the DVD, I really didn't want anything spoiled on me. I enjoyed it, but feel that this movie is for this generation of little ones. Too bad that we won't get an on screen reunion, but as you say, that's what the DVDs are for.