Tuesday, December 29, 2015


So I tried to kill 2 birds with one stone in combining two important things in wrestling in one.
 How does one combine the brutality of the barbed wire bed match and a more sanitary WWF Divas bedroom match?
oh well...lets see what Ray did.
 The Bed first came to pramanence when Edge and Lita enacted a live sex thing in the middle of the ring.  Later on divas had pillow fights in the ring with a bed.
 The only Diva figure I have right now is Trish Stratus.  Oh well....Gotta pick up more later.
 I would have prefered a more pink bedspread but this one works ok.
 But then the mattress comes off and it is a barbed wire bed!  Oh my!  Terry Funk is trying to throw Mick Foley onto the barbed wire bed!
Foley is cut up and bleeding!  Oh no!

I am finally going to be fixing those broken figures I got so for awhile the wrestling projects are going to cease.