Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Yeah...I got the wrestling bug again and decided to do more custom wrestling projects.  I would love to get playsets done of all the matches and I basically have them all now except Indian strap match, Texas bullrope match and Dog collar match.  Those are easy to do though.
The original inferno match happened at a PPV called Unforgiven in April 1998.  I thought the concept was so cool then.
I wanted to design mine to be appear to be a little more dangerous.  I had the fire extend to the floor.
 4 sides of the ring!

 So awesome!


It was well worth the wait.  I have wanted this for awhile.  I plan on doing more custom wrestling projects.  I like playing with them.

Sorry I have not been commenting much on other's blogs yet.  Halloween season was here.  A huge time for the café.  Also can you believe it?  My camera broke again.  Oh well.

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